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  • Botox & Fillers

    Facial Contouring and Liquid Facelift

    Contouring faces and non-surgically lift sagging with a
    combination of just Botox and Fillers.

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  • Thermage CPT

    FDA approved Skin Tightening

    Collagen regeneration within the skin to reveal a more taut face

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  • Vaser Liposelection

    The Art of a Beautiful Body

    Ultrasonic assisted Liposuction that allows for sculpting closer to the skin.

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  • Coolsculpting

    The original Fat Freezing

    FDA approved spot-reduction treatment for stubborn fats

    using a Zeltiq patented freezing and thawing algorithm.

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  • Hair Transplant

    ARTAS Robotic-assisted Hair Transplant

    Automates the most delicate and meticulous aspects of hair transplant surgery
    for give better outcomes. 

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Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

Evidence Based Aesthetic Medicine

Ulthera Ultrasound-guided Non-Surgical Facelift

An aesthetic clinic favorite, Ulthera delivers tiny shockwaves to the SMAS causes it to contract. Collagen forms, and the result is a mild facelift that is non-invasive and non-surgical. The treatment needs no recovery time. Over a few months after just one treatment, you will get a skin-tightening and face-lifting effect.

Taking it one step further, Dr David Loh can also direct the focused ultrasound energy into the cheek’s fat pads to cause them to contract. This sculpts and contours faces that are round or chubby. Together with Voluma (deep fillers) and liposuction, Ulthera forms an important part of the facial sculpting services.



Hair Transplant Aesthetic of Facial Framing

More than just a treatment for balding, we use hair transplants to frame a face to enhance one’s features. With meticulous attention down to the actual direction each hair is implanted, our doctor restores a youthful hairline for you.

Hair Transplant surgery involves taking hair from baldness resistant areas and transplanting it to areas that have begun to bald. The surgery involves a great detail of precision and teamwork. Each hair taken from the donor site must be carefully prepared and meticulously re-implanted.

Dr Phoon Yi Shan is in charge of hair transplants.

Fillers The Liquid Facelift

Beyond just filling lines and wrinkles, fillers are used in aesthetic clinics these days to re-volumize facial fat pads. As we age, these fat pads shrink and the face loses its supports. Subtle revolumization of these fat pads will give a mild facelift type effect we call The Liquid Facelift. There is an art to it of course. And we are not talking about the over-filled look that is not in vogue anymore.

Properly supported skin also responds better to skin tightening treatments like Ulthera and Thermage. Hence The Liquid Facelift complements these treatments very well.

Dr David Loh is a worldwide trainer for Botulinum toxins and hyaluronic fillers injection techniques.



Vaser-assisted Liposuction The Art of a Beautiful Body

Dr David Loh is MOH accredited to perform Liposuction in Singapore. Our aesthetic clinic is also accredited for office based liposuction.

Liposuction is ideal for sculpting localised areas of disproportion. Particularly for those who have exhausted other options like dieting and exercise. It is also useful in situations where non-invasive devices do not treat so well.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure done under anaesthesia in a Day Surgery OT (this is now mandated by MOH). It involves the removal of fat from under the skin through suction. Vaser-assisted Liposuction adds an additional step where ultrasound is used to loosen up the fat pockets before suction. This steps reduces the effort of suction and often improves outcomes with less trauma.

Results, particularly in Liposuction, depend a large part on the experience of the surgeon.

Our Aesthetic Procedures

Optimal results with minimal recovery time



Thermage and Ulthera can both an increase collagen within the skin. This gives rise to Skin-Tightening. While Thermage improves skin quality reducing fine lines and opened-pores, Ulthera offers a slightly stronger lift particularly at the jawline.


Body Contouring

We offer a range of services for body contouring and sculpting treatments. This ranges from Coolsculpting (which is completely external and non-invasive) to Smartlipo (invasive but very gentle) to Vaser (invasive and efficient).


Laser Treatments

From the Hair Removal to Fractional CO2 laser, we have a comprehensive range of lasers to treat common skin conditions. And all skin types as well.

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