The Liquid Facelift

Voluma Liquid Facelift

Voluma is a member of the Juvéderm family which is made by Allergan, the company resposible for Botox. Voluma is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel that is designed for deep tissue augmentation. As the name suggests, Voluma is used for volume replacement and restoration. Youthfulness means fullness and smooth contours. And volume replacement can be achieved with Voluma. It complements the Ulthera by allowing skin to drape better over the face. By allowing the skin to drape better, sagging skin is reduced and we are in fact achieving what is commonly referred to as "The Liquid Facelift".

The Liquid Facelift

The art of facial rejuvenation is not just about filling lines and erasing shadows. It comes only with a degree of experience (which we are still learning) to visualize in 3D and to create contours that evokes youthfulness, balance and harmony with ones' natural features.

The picture below is the classic example of the type of faces that will benefit from mid-face volume replacement. Skin that used to drape over a fuller cheek is now hanging loosely. The loose skin appears as the Naso-jugal Groove (aka the tear trough). The loosely hanging skin also causes a deepening the naso-labial folds and the marionette lines, and increased appearance of the jowls.

VOLUMA injected here restores a youthful fullness over the cheeks. It also stretches out the naso-labial fold decreasing the harshness of the shadow it cast. The naso-jugal groove (tear trough) becomes lighter. The marionette lines and jowls also get lifted. This is the Liquid Facelift.


About VOLUMA™ Injectable Gel

Voluma is totally safe and biodegradable gel. We have been using Voluma since 2009 and have found that it typically lasts 1-2 years, just as the manufacturer claims. The results are immediate, homogenous and very natural looking because it is injected deeply. At such depths, skin and muscles drape naturally over the hyaluronic acid gel. Fullness is restored without any lumpiness on the skin. Even when injecting at the groove below the eyes - the so called nasojugal groove - there is no lumpiness on the delicate skin below the eyes. The reason being that VOLUMA is injected very deeply.


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