Our Doctors

Dr David Loh and Dr Phoon-George Yi Shan

Dr David Loh and Dr Phoon-George Yi Shan

Dr David Loh founded his aesthetic practice in 2002 to cater to the demands of an image-conscious, fast-paced modern society. Focusing on aesthetic procedures that involve minimal recovery time, Dr David Loh expanded his practice to 2 locations. Dr Loh is a trainer for Botox and Filler techniques for new doctors in Singapore and the region.


Dr Loh is passionate about improving the standards of practice and serves as the acting Vice President of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SAM) and organises the Conference of Aesthetic Medicine.


Dr Phoon-George Yi Shan graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2003. She then became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and was later awarded her Master of Medicine in Orthopaedics Surgery from NUS. She is fully accredited in aesthetic procedures such as botox and filler injections, as well as cosmetic lasers. She has a special interest in hair transplant surgery, for which she trained in South Korea.


Hair Transplant

Aesthetics of Facial Framing


With meticulous attention down to the actual direction each hair is implanted, our doctor restores a youthful hairline naturally. More than just a treatment for balding, we use hair transplants to frame a face such that one's natural neauty is further enhanced. Speak to Dr Phoon-George Yi Shan on how she uses Hair Transplants as part of overall facial aesthetics.


Hair Transplant surgery involves taking hair from baldness resistant areas and transplanting it to areas that have begun to bald. The surgery is not complicated but involves a great detail of precision and teamwork. Each hair taken from the donor site must be carefully prepared and re-implantation done in the shortest time possible.


Dr Phoon-George Yi Shan is in charge of hair transplants.



Ultrasound-guided Non-Surgical Facelift


Ulthera uses an ultrasound scan built into each treatment head to accurately deliver energy to the fibro-muscular layer of the skin (also called the SMAS). This is the layer which surgeons target in a surgical facelift.


Tiny little shockwaves that are precisely delivered to the SMAS causes it to contract. The result is a mild facelift that is non-invasive and non-surgical (hence no recovery time whatsoever). Over a few months after just one treatment, the fibroblasts in the skin produce lots of new collagen. Thus the initial lifting continues to improve over the months after just one treatment.


Taking it one step further, Dr David Loh directs the focused ultrasound energy into the fibrous tissue around the cheek's fat pads to cause them to contract. This sculpts and contours faces that are round or chubby. Together with Voluma (deep fillers) and liposuction, Ulthera forms an important part of the facial sculpting services at David Loh Surgery.

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq

The Original Fat Freezing

David Loh Surgery Body Treatment Center at Liat Towers featuring Coolsculpting

The latest addition to David Loh Surgery at Liat Towers is the Coolsculpting device by Zeltiq. Coolsculpting really does not need any introduction. It is a worldwide hit of a non-invasive body contouring machine. And having been used on numerous celebrities' hips, it is now on everybody's lips.


Coolsculpting is FDA approved for localised fat reduction. The treatment involves the machine extracting the heat out of an area of fat causing it to freeze over literally. This has been shown to cause 20-25% of the fat cells to disappear. Surrounding tissues like the skin, muscles and nerves are totally unaffected.


We are happy to intoduce Coolsculpting to complement our range of body treatments which range from Vaser Liposelection, to Smartlipo and SHR. Our Body Treatment Center is WiFi connected so you can catch up with your emails or watch a movie while having your fats frozen.