Male Aesthetics

Male Aesthetics

The aesthetic treatments that men do are not very different from the ladies. It is only that men prefer those treatments with almost no recovery time. What gave rise to the era of male aesthetics is really the technologies with no recovery time. Treatments like Thermages, Ultherapy, Botox and fillers.

In the past, cosmetic surgery used to be associated with bruises and bandages; extended recovery time and exaggerated features post-surgery. Men absolutely hate having such procedures done. For one they cannot apply make-up to conceal any bruises, and secondly they hate taking time off work for such vanity-associated reasons.

With the newer methods and technologies, doctors are now getting reasonably good results with no recovery time at all. Hence more men are keener to do such procedures. Not only are they keener to do such procedures, they are also more keen to talk about their experiences with they spouses or their male buddies. This really refines males aesthetics.

In fact we have found that the “power of control” over one’s appearance that aesthetic treatments offer, goes down very well with the highly-driven male corporate climbers’ psyche. Not only do they embrace aesthetic treatments, they will often travel the world looking for the latest technologies and the most skilful doctors.

And these highly driven individuals usually have no qualms talking about “having work done” so long as the aesthetic treatments do not leave them with any recovery time.