Juvederm is a range of hyaluronic acid fillers from the makers of BOTOX (Allergan Inc). It is everything we liked about fillers, but much easier to inject (therefore assurance of a better job) than fillers that preceded it.

With the introduction of Vobella and Volift (also fillers from the Juvederm family), we are now able to do fine work around the mouth and the eyes with a greater degree of precision.

The areas injected with Vobella and Volift feels much smoother and softer than with earlier fillers. This can be explained by the greater cohesivity of the Vycross technology used in the cross linkage of the fillers.

For most other areas however, we use Voluma to re-shape and sculpt the face in order to enhance features.



Fillers injected to re-volumize the face gives better results than when used to target grooves and fold in isolation. For this reason, we use Voluma nowadays to re-drape the facial skin thus improving the nasolabial groove, the tear trough, the jowls and marionette lines.

Lidocaine contained within the filler material takes away the pain or pressure sensation the very moment filler is injected. The only feeling is the small needle passing under the skin. Even the massaging becomes painless. Initially skeptical, we are now completely convinced that the addition of lidocaine makes the entire experience so much more bearable than without.

It becomes quite pleasant to have filler injections. I can’t imagine going back to using any filler that does not have lidocaine in it.



The areas that we use Volift on are the forehead fold (for static and some dynamic lines), and around the mouth. We use Vobella for the nasojugal groove (the tear trough) and in the lips.

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