Skin Tightening is about increasing collagen production within the skin such that skin becomes more elastic and therefore drapes better over the face. Unelastic skin hangs loosely as folds and droops as jowls.
Thermage and Ulthera can both an increase collagen within the skin which in turn gives rise to Skin-Tightening. The VOLUMA Liquid Facelift complements these procedures.



 The face is not made of skin alone. Under the skin, and pretty much in continuation with it, are the fibrous tissues that surrounds the fat pockets, the muscles of the face as well as ligaments. Together they make up the fibromuscular layer is also called the SMAS. Skin tightening is also about contracting not just the skin, but also the fibromuscular layer of the skin in the face such that face gets lifted.

This is the layer which surgeons tighten during an open-surgical-facelift. It is also the layer which many thread lifts target. Thread lifts like the Silhouette Threads or the Endotine Threadlift pull on the SMAS to create the lift.

With Ulthera, we can target the SMAS non-invasively. Because it is non-surgical, there is no recovery-time. With a built-in ultrasound scan, Ulthera can accurately locate the SMAS and deliver a very precise dose of energy to it. This results in the collagen regeneration, increased elasticity and lifting of the face.




With Thermage, we can also cause collagen regeneration within the skin to give tighter skin. The vibration of the Thermage CPT reduces the pain of the treatment significantly.

Thermage and Ulthera can be combined (although at different times) as they target different layers of skin and the tissues beneath the skin. Thermage give better skin changes while Ulthera is stronger for skin tightening and face lifting.



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