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    Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

  • Cellulite Reduction

    Subcision of Dimples

    treating not just appearance but the roots causes


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  • B*tox

    Wrinkles, Pores and Square Jaw

    Dr David Loh is a trainer for B*tox since 2006

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  • Dermal Fillers

    The art of facial enhancements

    Our doctors are trainers in b*tox and filler techniques


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  • Vaser Liposuction

    The Art of a Beautiful Body

    Sculpts areas of disproportion. 

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  • Super Hair Removal

    Painless hair removal

    Using a proprietary technology that is non IPL and non-laser.

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Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

Evidence Based Aesthetic Medicine


Established since 2002, our aesthetic clinic has had Dr David Loh at the helm. From December 2021, our Wheelock Place clinic will close permanently, and all our services will be consolidated at #08-35, Novena Medical Centre.

Our aesthetic clinic provides only aesthetic treatments that are scientifically-proven to be safe and effective. In medical circles, the term used is “evidence-based”. That means there are no treatments that have no scientific basis.

As an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, our aim is to make people feel more confident about themselves, which then translates into psychological and emotional well-being. This enables our patients to be more productive and have better interpersonal relationships.

Improving Appearance, Enhancing Confidence since 2002


Vaser Liposuction, Singapore


Vaser Liposuction, one of many forms of liposuction all equally good in experienced hands, is often called Vaser Liposelection, because it can selectively target fat cells. It is nevertheless a minor surgical procedure. Vaser Liposelection is ideal for sculpting areas of the body that are out of proportion. David Loh Surgery is one of a few aesthetic clinics in Singapore that performs office-based liposuction for small areas.

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Ultherapy, also called ulthera, one of many types of HIFU devices. HIFU is the technology. Ultherapy is a brand of HIFU. Ultherapy is a non-invasive method of tightening the skin popular among aesthetic clinics in Singapore. On the face ultherapy creates a mild face lift type effect that is non-surgical and non-invasive. It can also be used to tighten the decolletage, the under arms and the abdominal skin around the navel.

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Fat Transfer to the Breasts


Used interchangeably with the term Fat Grafting or lipofilling, Fat Transfer is the process by which fat cells removed during liposuction is transferred to another part of the body. It could be the face, the bottucks, the breasts or to areas where there are volume defects like after liposuction.

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Dr. David Loh has been training other aesthetic doctors on the use of B*tox since 2006. He uses various brands of B*tox. The target areas are not only on the forehead and frown lines, but also on the skin to reduce pores and refine skin, as a method for Square-Jaw-Reduction to create a slimmer face, as well as to lift and tighten skin, in the form of a B*tox lift.

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Dermal Fillers in Singapore


Popular among aesthetic clinics, facial fillers are nowadays used as to enhance facial features, change expressions (like sadness around the mouth), and to lift sagging skin. Our doctors have published an instructional piece on a method to lift sagging skin by selective re-inflation of fat compartments. The method is common referred to as The DL Lift after Dr David Loh.

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Cellulite Treatment


Our aesthetic clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments that target all the underlying causes of cellulite. From treatments that improve tissue circulation, skin tightening, subcision of skin tethers that cause the dimpling, to liposuction and fat transfer to even out fat distribution.

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VASER Liposuction

Liposuction is a method to physical remove diet-resistant (and perhaps also exercise-resistant) areas of fat so that the body’s contours flow better and the curves are more harmonious with each other. Vaser HD and Vaser 4D Sculpt are advanced methods where fat deposits are carved into muscle shapes to mimic the appearance of an athletic physique through liposuction alone.


Dr David Loh, as the President of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SAM) in Singapore leads various initiatives to uphold the high standards in aesthetic medicine. One such initiative is the SAM Conference, which showcases the latest industry developments in a scientific and educational forum. It also serves to foster fellowship among aesthetic doctors, and industry partners. This is a snippet of the 2024 edition.



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