FRACTIONAL is the way


Over the last two decades, there have been numerous treatments that help replace and repair collagen in the skin. The ablative ones have become un-popular (although many doctors still refer to them as so-called “gold standards”). Newer treatments leave little or no recovery time.

Recovery time is no more an expected of effective treatments for acne scars.

The non-ablative ones have gone through much evolution. In general these non-ablative lasers, like our Cooltouch, proved to be a little weak. Except for the very shallow scars, they were generally not very effective. Ulthera and Thermage can also be used for the treatment of acne scars, but they are in a different class altogether. They were skin-tightening devices.

Of course there was micro-needling (with or without PRP) which the MOH has promptly banned, on the basis of it being non-evidence based. And just as well. Because out of the few cases we did, we found micro-needling with PRP to be in-effective.

About 6 years ago, ablative lasers have become fashionable again. This time fractionally ablative. Fractional means that the beam of laser is split into a hundred smaller beams hitting the skin in a pixilated manner. Normal skin remains between the pixels of ablation. This significantly reduces recovery-time (redness, rawness etc) from weeks to days. Read more about the history of Laser Treatments.

For those who absolutely cannot take the recovery time associated with Fractional CO2, Sylfirm is still a good option. Subcision with Radiesse bio-stimulation has also proven to be effective. Or else Microb*tox can also be used to control oiliness and active acne.



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