Active Acne should be treated first by topical creams. Oral medications can be added if more severe. Only in the most severe cases and under exceptional circumstance would steroid injections be indicated. Methods to deal with acne and oily skin of moderate to severe degrees include:
Carbon Peel (Q-switched ND-Yag laser)

Carbon Peel (Q-switched ND-Yag laser) is good at controlling acne in its early stages. It can also be used to prevent breakouts in individuals whose acne is not controllable by the usual creams and oral medications.

IPL alone or combined with Intradermal B*TOX. Intradermal B*tox, which is also called Meso-B*tox or Micro-B*tox, works by directly reducing the sebum production in the skin. As a result, breakouts reduce. In fact, Intradermal B*tox is also useful in the treatment of acneiform types of Rosacea.



Post acne marks, the brown marks left behind by acne are also called PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). The trick here is to prevent subsequent waves of eruptions. Combinations of Intradermal B*TOX with either IPL or Cooltouch can decrease inflammation and inhibit new waves of breakouts. Without any new inflammation, PIH heals and skin takes on a very refined appearance. Sunscreen that are specially formulated for oily skin are available for this purpose.



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