or those with larger areas to sculpt, the body sculpting treatment of choice is VASER. Vaser Liposuction, as a body sculpting treatment, uses high-frequency sound waves delivered through a probe inserted under the skin to disrupt fat-pockets. The loosened fat and tumescent solution are then gently sucked out using a patented Vent-X suction system. Watch video

Nerves, blood vessels, muscles and other important structures are generally not disturbed by the sound waves. This is the unique advantage of VASER LipoSelection. Large areas can be treated with less likelihood of surgeon exhaustion. Skin over the treated areas tighten up slightly.

While there are non-invasive options available these days, areas like the arms and thighs are still best treated with Vaser, we feel. Somehow the R&D for most non-invasive devices like Ultrashape or Coolscuplting seems to be based on abdominal wall fats. When these devices are applied for thigh fats or arm fats, the results are suboptimal.


Vaser High Def Vaser About Liposuction



Coolsculpting is a totally non-invasive body contouring device that lets you achieve, without any downtime, the figure and body shape that you desire. Within reasonable limits of course.

Coolsculpting works by freezing the fat deposits. As it thaws, a percentage of the crystalized fat cells die off non-violently. The surrounding tissues like the skin, nerves and muscles are always unaffected. This translates into a perceptible reduction in the size of the treated area at the end of 2 months.

Coolsculpting is a single session treatment so its quite good for busy people.



Macrolane is not available in Singapore for breast augmentation anymore. We now offer a fat transfer which is a procedure that transfers your own fat deposits to the breasts. Fat extracted from another part of the body can be used to augment the size on the breasts. After all the breasts are mainly fat. While some of the transplanted fat cells will die off, the remainder will last forever. Read more about Fat Transfer to the Breasts.


How it works?

The whole process involves a liposuction-type procedure to extract fats from another area (usually inner thighs or the abdomen) and then cleaning the fat cells and transplanting it back to the breasts. About 50%-60% of the transplanted fat cells will remain and this will last forever, subject of course to shrinkage from natural aging over time.


How about stem cells?

We do not use stem cells with fat transfer, because we are not too impressed with the so called “stem cell extracting machines” to do what they are supposed to do. NB the quantity and viability of the stem cells are not independently verified when doctors use these machines to concentrate “stem cells”.

SMARTLIPO a little too gentle

Smartlipo is the mildest of Liposuction techniques. We only use Smartlipo with very small areas like the neck, chin and cheeks. Otherwise, Smartlipo is used for touch ups of very small areas after other forms of liposuction. With hindsight of years of using Smartlipo, the limitations are quite clear now.
So for those who need to sculpt and contour very small areas like the chin and cheeks, the extremely gentle Smartlipo is the good option. Expect the swelling to subside by the 2nd or 3rd day. Bruises are rare. And if any, they are barely noticeable. This is the beauty of the treatment called Smartlipo.
We started using Smartlipo in Singapore since 2007.”


Smartlipo in its purest form does NOT involve any suction. Smartlipo followed by suction is just basically a hybrid with traditional (or conventional) liposuction. Fats cells membranes that are destroyed by the action of the laser will be absorbed by the lymphatic system. And additional suction on the pretext of sucking out the destroyed fat-cell membranes and oil is just… modified conventional liposuction.



Radiofrequency (RF) produces deep heat within the tissues. Applied to the leg, blood circulation is improved. Poor lymphatic circulation and swelling of the fat pockets being underlying cause for cellulite, the appearance of cellulite improves. Hence, Radiofrequency is an good for cellulite control. Most of our patients merely return for 6-9 monthly treatments to maintain cellulite free legs.

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