Treatment for Enlarged pores


B*TOX normally targets the muscles of facial expression. In the instance with Intradermal-B*TOX, it is not injected into the muscles of facial expression but on the fine muscles in the skin that control pore size – the erector pili. These muscles are the ones that make your hair stand on ends or cause goose bumps. The effect of B*TOX injected in this manner closes the skin’s pores. This makes the skin look more refined and “matte”.


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Intradermal B*TOX (also called Micro-B*TOX) targets the muscles responsible for opening pores. Intradermal B*tox is useful for people with almost perfect skin to take it to the next level of refinement. It is not so useful as a treatment for oily skin or acne.

Background and History


Coinciding with the popularity of Mesotherapy, its techniques have also been used with B*TOX in skin rejuvenation. The idea was first suggested by doctors who gave diluted doses of B*TOX in multiple epidermal blebs. Much like they would do with Mesotherapy drugs. They claimed that B*TOX injected in this manner had skin rejuvenation and lifting effects that far surpassed results previously observed with conventional B*TOX Cosmetic. The medical profession looked skeptically at meso-B*TOX and initially attributed this to the multiple punctures causing a certain degree of healing injury and hence more collagen regeneration. “Meso-anything” is still viewed by many to be highly suspicious of its claims. Skeptics were proven wrong in this particular instance with Meso-B*TOX. It is one of the more well known off-label indications for B*tox.. The name has also been changed to Micro-B*TOX or Intradermal B*TOX in order to dissociate it from “meso-anything.”

Intradermal B*tox works by the following mechanisms:


Smaller Pores

Intradermal B*TOX is now known to deliver its main benefit from blocking the muscle activity of smooth muscle fibers around pores. Smaller pores means smaller skin surface area and hence a lifting effect when skin is stretched over the face.


Rejuvenates Skin

Within the skin, Intradermal-B*TOX suppresses oil production and is an inhibitor of inflammation cased by acne. Intradermal B*TOX gives previously greasy and acne-prone skin a chance to heal in the 3-4 months without acne such that there is less PIH and uneven tones. Skin actually heals with Intradermal B*TOX.

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This is the finishing touch to anyone who already has beautiful skin.



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