This is the art of making the face look slimmer, fuller, sharper or whatever… But mostly, it is used to restore balance and proportions. There is an optimum order in nature with regard to the upper, middle and lower thirds of the face. Just slightly off, it would constantly bug us, even if it isn’t all that obvious to everyone.



Ulthera is useful in facial sculpting and contouring. Particularly for round or chubby faces. Ulthera is an FDA approved skin tightening treatment that has been around since 2009. Dr David Loh uses it to sculpt and contour faces in younger patients. The logic is simple. Ulthera’s energy which does such a great job at tightening skin, can also be re-directed towards tightening the fibrous tissue around fat pockets. Hence we can achieve selective facial sculpting.

Note: This is a novel application of Ulthera, which was discovered by Dr David Loh, and has safely and successfully treated numerous patients. Ulthera is normally directed at the pre-parotid fascia does not cause facial slimming.



By re-emphasizing the cheek bones and chin, Voluma can make the face appear slimmer (sharper) and more triangulated. Voluma is an injected filler made of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. It is injected deep into the fat pads in the cheek or into the chin muscles. It can also be injected into the nose bridge in Asians to give more depth and 3-dimensionality to the face.



B*TOX injected into the masseter muscle will decrease its bulk and give the appearance of a narrower angle at the jaw. Except if the square jaw is caused mainly by the bone (angle of mandible), then the effects might not be so obvious.

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