Hair Removal is now a painless affair with Super Hair Removal (SHR). The old thinking was that light must be strong enough and the pulse long enough to heat up the hair follicle to destroy it. That light was delivered with either and IPL or a laser. Our old Coolglide laser was an example. It was effective but painful.



With SHR, low intensity light in rapidly firing sequences deliver heat to the hair bulbs. The heat is low enough not to cause pain but just enough to destroy the hair bulbs in the hair follicle. We like the R&D that has gone to this. With SHR, we can achieve painless permanent hair removal and this method can be used on all skin types.

About Permanent Hair Removal

In theory, once the hair follicle is destroyed, it will never grow again. In real life some of the cells in the skin can regenerate hair follicles that have been destroyed by Laser, IPL or SHR. So, over time, even after the best hair removal treatment, some fine hairs regenerate. But we are talking about months or years later. So some doctors have preferred to call hair removal – hair reduction – in order not to give the patients too unrealistic an expectation. But whether it is reduction or removal, we are talking about the same thing – 80%-90% reduction that may need touchups yearly.
Hair removal whether it is by laser, IPL or the SHR technology will typically need several sessions. The reason for this lies in the hair’s growth cycle. About one third of all the hairs in the skin are in the growing phase. The other two thirds are either “sleeping” or in between growing and sleeping. Lasers, IPLs or SHR, can zap only hairs in the growing phase. So each time when we do a hair removal treatment, we are only able to zap the one-third of the hairs that are growing.
Permanent hair removal is all about destroying hair follicles selectively while preserving the surrounding skin. Lasers and IPLs have traditionally been used. The theory behind permanent hair removal is that the hair follicles’ structures being darker (more pigmented) than the surrounding skin, will absorb more light or laser energy than the surrounding skin. Heat therefore builds up faster at the hair follicles than the surrounding skin. As such we are able to “selectively” destroy unwanted hair.
Hair Removal



We do not use IPL for hair removal anymore, although there is nothing wrong with it. IPL has certain limitations when used on darker skin types but if we adjust the power settings appropriately, its safe and effective.

We use Laser Hair Removal only in cases like ingrown hairs these days. This is because a laser can reach deeper into ingrown hairs. But Coolglide is painful.

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is used for general hair removal purposes. It can be used anywhere from the face to the extremities. It can be useful safely on all skin types. And most wonderfully, it is a painless treatment. Super Hair Removal (SHR) is done by nurses under the supervision of a doctor. They are designed to be quick and affordable. A consultation is not needed unless deemed necessary by the nurses.



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