The treatment of the sagging face needs to be viewed from a 3-dimensional perspective. Facial sculpting and volume restoration are as important as, if not more important than, skin tightening. It’s no use tightening skin when the skin eventually has now where to drape and ends up still hanging loosely. Similarly, there is no point in tightening skin when the bulges like the jowls continue to weigh down on the face.

Our approach of combining either volume-replacement OR facial-sculpting with skin-tightening achieves optimal outcomes in Non-surgical Facelifts.



This is common among Caucasians (although there are exceptions). As one ages (past the 30’s), the mid-face hollows out. Where once the skin was supported, it now has no where to drape. Skin hangs loosely as the jowls, the naso-labial folds and the naso-jugal groove.


  • The preferred treatment would be to revolumize the face using fillers or autologous fat as a first step.
  • Ulthera and Thermage can be directed at pre-parotid fascia to minimize shrinking of the fat pads.
  • Our preferred Fillers in such situations would be Voluma or Restylane SubQ.
  • Sculptra is not in fact a filler but rather a substance to activate collagen.



This is common in Asian (although there are exceptions). In fatter faces, the fats tend to drag the cheeks down as one looses elasticity in the skin. One gets the “bull-dog looks”.

  • Thermage and Ulthera can be used to shrink the facial fat by placing the energy mainly over the cheeks’ fat pads, to contract the fibrous tissue around the fat pockets. Ulthera has taken on a whole new purpose for sculpting faces that are too round or too “meaty”.
  • Liposuction of the lower face and chin may in some cases be needed for a more dramatic result.

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