A particular type of pigmentation condition common among Asian Skin is Melasma. It affects women more than men. It is well known to be hormonally related. But most Asian women around 40 years of age will have several kinds of pigmentation on the face. They will include sun-induced freckles and other spots. There may also be nevi of Ota.



When we treat pigmentary changes, we approach it in 2 steps. Except with the most stubborn pigmentation, we can achieve more than 50% reduction over several treatments. We avoid using stronger lasers which break skin and can potentially cause more pigmentation.


Lasers are firstly used to clear away any superficial pigmentation that are there. Several sessions may be needed to clear away the pigments and close follow up is needed.


Secondly, is to follow up with a peel if there is residual pigmentation. These are usually Melasma or Nevi of Ota. We also have clinical grade skincare formulated by Dr Phoon Yi Shan for this purpose.


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