We operate the Coolglide laser for reducing unsightly veins (Spider Veins or Broken Capillary) These veins are usually in the legs. But is can also occur on the sides of the nose or any where else. Repeated treatments are necessary and even then the success rate is about 60%. This low success rate can be improved by combining electro-cautery and judicious surgical stripping of the veins with Coolglide.


Recurrence is common and the rate quite variable. This is because the spider veins are there inherently as a result of the pressure difference between the deep veins and the superficial set of veins. Blood flows in the path of least resistance. In the case of spider veins the blood flows from the deep set to the superficial set of veins. So in a typical course of treatments, the veins are destroyed after say 3-5 treatments. Depending on how much pressure difference there is between the deep and superficial set of veins, the spider veins might recur in as soon as one month or after some years.



Spider veins are a characteristic of sun-damaged skin. Another condition which veins become prominent is Rosacea. Large varicose veins need to be stripped surgically (which we do not perform).



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