What is Coolmini and Cooladvantage?

Zeltiq introduces 2 technological advanced new applicators for its highly popular fat freezing fat busting treatment, Coolsculpting.


Coolmini is novel way to eliminate the fat deposits under your jawline, which is commonly referred to as the double chin. With so many smartphone cameras around, well-defined slim profile is a must have for everyone. Its not anymore just for paparazzi dodging celebrities.

This smaller coolmini applicator perfectly molds around under the chin. Using the same coolsculpting technology, we can now contour the neck and reduce double chins after just 1 or 2 painless fat freezing sessions.

The coolmini can also treat small pockets of body fat like around the axilla (armpits, fat pouching above the bra), and knee areas.



The new CoolAdvantage applicator delivers 360° cooling technology at an even lower temperature than before, improving fat elimination and reducing treatment time by half.

It also features an adaptable 3 in 1 configuration, able to address almost all contours and areas of the body.

CoolFit Advantage is ideal or vertical areas of fat such as inner thighs, flabby arms. CoolCore Advantage and CoolCurve+ Advantage better matches the contours of the abdomen (front) and the love handles respectively.

With this, we can pretty much kiss most areas of our stubborn fats goodbye.

The enhanced suction cup design not only treats more fat volume per session, the comfort level for patients is also improved by as much as 45%, as claimed in a study.

Less time, less discomfort, and better results, that is the Coolsculpting advantage.

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Coolsculpting, which needs no introduction, is a worldwide hit of a non-invasive body sculpting and contouring treatment that has been used extensively on celebrities’ hips and now, it is on everyone’s lips.

It works by freezing and thawing fat deposits, causing a non-violent death of a certain percentage of fat cells in the areas treated. About 20%-25% reduction in the number of fat cells can be expected in just one treatment. Extensive published clinical research proves this. Translated into real life experiences, patients feel a definite reduction in the areas treated. For those with larger deposits, this can be mild. They may need several repeated sessions to achieve their desired goal. But for those with milder deposits, one session is all it takes. And the results are permanent. Because the fat cells are destroyed, the body will accumulated elsewhere instead of the treated areas. This is a very important concept of body sculpting and contouring. Destroying fat deposits so that the body’s curves and proportions improve.