Qualms no more about Cosmetic Surgery

If aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery are still taboo, it is because of the stereotypes still perpetuating in popular media. These stereotypes tend to portray aesthetic treatment or cosmetic surgery patients as being vain or narcissistic, or that they cannot reconcile with their bodies (a condition called body dysmorphia syndrome). And that cannot be further than the truth!

The vast majority of patients who come forward for aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery are actually highly motivated and very driven individuals. Their underlying motivation is about taking control over their appearance and hence their destiny. Whether it is to find a life partner or to look sharp for job and business prospects, aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgeries give them a sense of empowerment over their own destiny. It is this sense of empowerment that defines the modern day patient for aesthetic treatments.

Modern day aesthetic treatments with little or no downtime fits fits right into this whole frame of mind. Where the individual takes control over his or her destiny, appearance and competitiveness.

And very often, they are so empowered they will travel the world to seek out the best treatments and best practitioners.

And these individuals usually have no qualms about admitting to having work done. So there you have it, the modern day aesthetic and cosmetic surgery patient.