Dual Yellow Laser

yellow laser treatment
Great for melasma

Our latest addition to the armamentarium against melasma

The Dual Yellow Laser uses copper bromide laser technology, emitting multi-wavelengths to penetrate and treat deep into the skin, without harming surrounding tissue. It obtained FDA approval for treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, such as melasma, seborrheic keratosis, rosacea and acne marks. It also sets a new standard for skin brightening and rejuvenation, improving skin texture and tightening.

Trivia: This is an Australian medical device. Yes, Australian. 

Why is Dual Yellow better than other lasers?

Emitting 2 unique wavelengths of 511nm (green) and 578nm (yellow), Dual Yellow Laser corresponds well with absorption peaks for vascular and pigmented conditions.

Take melasma for example. It is one of the most stubborn pigmentations to treat. But the dual wavelengths of the Dual Yellow laser can effectively clear melasma by curbing the production of melanin at the source through inhibiting VEGF at the melanocytes level. In other words, Dual Yellow Laser does not only treat melasma, it also reduces the production of melanin so the recurrence rate is low.

If you think picosecond lasers are fast, think again! While picosecond lasers can only deliver up to 750 pulses per second, FEM technology outdid themselves by producing a device that is able to emit 22,000 pulses per second! This is able to change the cell structure, necrose vessels and suppress VEGF without causing any damage to surrounding tissue.

FEM technology optimizes the excitation of chemical reactions within cells but limits thermal damage to other structures which can cause burns or PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). It also suppresses VEGF which further reduces risk of PIH.

There are so many uses to The Dual Yellow Laser.

  1. Skin rejuvenation and brightening. The Shining Bright program with the new 5mm handpiece provides higher coverage and deeper penetration, which translates into an increase in collagen stimulation and skin radiance.
  2. Vascular lesions like telangiectasia or rosacea. The exact matching and absorption of yellow laser by oxyhaemoglobin instantly coagulates vessels and treats splotchy red discolouration of skin.
  3. Acne. The yellow light destroys p.Acnes, the acne causing bacteria, and shrinks sebaceous glands hence reducing sebum production. It can also lighten the brown blemishes and scars left behind by pimples.
  4. Bulky lesions like seborrhoeic keratosis, milia, moles can be instantly ablated with the powerful green/yellow beam with permanent results. Unlike traditional resurfacing lasers, Dual Yellow Laser removes skin growths easily without causing any bleeding or any damage to the surrounding skin.

Hence the Dual Yellow is a combination of the perfect wavelengths, perfect penetration depths, and perfect pulse speed, making it one of the most effective and safest laser in the market today.