Everything you need to know about Dermal Fillers in Singapore – With Dr. David Loh


Dr David Loh

Dr David Loh


President of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine. Trainer for Dermal Fillers Since 2006

Growing old gracefully has taken on a new meaning in the last few years.


In the past, it referred to growing old “without any work” done. These days, with plastic surgery so pervasive, growing old gracefully means growing old with “only minimal work” done. And B*tox and Fillers are as minimal as it gets in aesthetics. Let’s talk about dermal fillers in this blog, shall we?



Frequently Asked Question on Dermal Fillers

What areas are best treated with dermal fillers?

All areas on the face, from the forehead down to the chin can be safely and effectively treated with dermal fillers. Here are the more common areas that are treated.

  • Forehead augmentation and projection can contour the forehead;
  • Nose, lips and chin augmentation bring out the beauty in the central facial features;
  • Cheek and under-eye augmentation support the skin over the cheeks. This decreases the appearance of the under-eye hollows, the nasolabial folds and the jowls;
  • The temples and lateral cheek augmentation creates a natural lifting of the face.

At David Loh Surgery, we excel in the art of dermal filler injections having published our special injection technique (The DL Lift) as an instructional guide for doctors in PRIME, International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine in 2018.

What are the prices for dermal fillers like?

The price for dermal fillers costs $800 per syringe of 1ml. Check out our price list

  • Treatments like the nose and lips often require only 1ml.
  • Treatments like forehead, cheek and chin augmentation require 2-3mls per area, but they do not need to be done all in one go on the same day.
  • Then there are treatments like The DL Lift (our treatment named after Dr David Loh) may require 4-5mls of fillers each time. The DL Lift is also sometimes called a Liquid Facelift
  • Skin hydration boosters also cost $1000 per syringe of 1ml. To hydrate the under-eye skin, the skin over the cheeks including the nasolabial folds, and around the lips, patients will need 2-3mls of skin hydration boosters.

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Are filler injections painful?

All of the reputable brands of modern fillers contain an anaesthetic called lidocaine which takes away the discomfort of filler injections. You shouldn’t settle for less.

The only sensation you will feel is the tiny needle entering the skin, and the sensation of movement (not pain) when the cannula is moved under the skin.

Are fillers injection results immediate?

Yes, the results are immediate and “what-you-see-is-what-you-get”. Plus minus 10%-20% perhaps because of slight initial swelling. In fact most of the time, the results are natural enough and the patients are presentable enough to go out and meet friends immediately after a treatment. This actually gave rise to the term “lunchtime facelifts”.

Is there any recovery time (downtime) when getting filler injections?

The chances of getting a tiny bruise with filler injections is about 10%-30% depending on which areas are being treated. Also with multiple areas of treatment, there is also a higher chance of getting at least one bruise.

No doctor can guarantee bruise-free injections; after all needles and cannulas are involved in the process of filler injections. If a bruise occurs, it will need to run its natural course taking a 7-10 days to slowly disappear. Most of the time bruises are tiny and can be easily covered with a bit of makeup.

Besides bruising, which of course causes some swelling, there is often some swelling which unrelated to the bruises. This is a natural process in filler injections. This post injection swelling usually takes 3-7 days to subside.

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How safe are filler injections?


Filler injections are only as safe your doctor’s knowledge of the anatomy of the face. So don’t settle for non-medically trained injectors like beauticians. In fact, best to approach doctors that do filler injections frequently than those who do not.

With proper training and experience, filler injections are generally very safe.

Our doctors are trainers for other doctors. Dr David Loh has published in medical literature on the prevention and management of filler complications. One of the papers have been awarded a Best Paper (Gold) Award by the Plastic and Reconstructive Journal (PRS Global Open) in 2019.

The other aspect about safety with regard to dermal fillers is the filler material itself. As a filler material, hyaluronic acid fillers have been safely used on millions of patients since the 1990s. Without mentioning brands here, we are of the opinion that only biodegradable non-permanent fillers are safe. This is because they do not hang around long enough to cause granulomas or infections. And as the face changes, as it inevitably will over the years, fillers can be topped up to suit the changes associated with aging.

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About David Loh Surgery



Filler injections are what David Loh Surgery excel in. Read about the needle master (filler injection) in the media.

Dr David Loh is one of the first trainers and mentors in aesthetic medicine in Singapore. He developed and published in medical literature his filler injection techniques as instructional pieces for other doctors. He also published in medical literature his works on the prevention and management of filler complications.

Our doctors do not only fill lines and hollows. The aim of any filler injection treatment is to enhance the patient’s natural appearance. We create balance, symmetry and harmony. We can lift sagging skin using only fillers, preventing facial aging from setting in.

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Watch us maneuver a fine cannula to safely deliver
dermal fillers under the eye. 

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What is the “overfilled syndrome”?

The “overfilled syndrome” is an unfortunate term coined by some doctors with the intention to disparage the work of other doctors. These doctors bring up isolated incidents of overfilled media celebrities to discourage patients from have filler injections. Perhaps these doctors are themselves not skilful enough nor experienced in filler injection, hence they try to divert clientele to the non-injection treatments. As a patient-consumer, you should be able to discern this kind of marketing tactics.

What you need to know is that you would need an incredible amount of filler material (maybe >20 syringes) to reach the kind of caricatured appearance of some of these celebrities. The so called “overfilled syndromes.” These celebrities can afford it but most patients would not be able to, and most conscientious doctors would hold back the patients before they even reach that kind of look.

The fact of the matter is that most patients with early signs of aging actually would benefit a great deal from filler injections into the fat compartments that have begun to shrink. This not only reverses the early signs of aging, but it can even prevent sagging.

Dr David Loh has been constantly developing filler injection techniques since 2006. He has mentored generations of younger doctors, is an advocate and has published works on preventive filler treatments. There is no such thing as an overfilled syndrome unless patients arm twist there aesthetic doctors to overfill. And any self respecting doctor would hold back the patient from going too far with dermal fillers.

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The Only Way is Up

Improving Appearance is what we do ever day. Not making our patients another person, but making them more confident through the art of the DL Lift and other techniques of filler injections. Bring out their best features and still being themselves. This is the essence of Enhancing Confidence.



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