Ulthera for facial sculpting

Facial Sculpting using Ultherapy

Dr David Loh combines Ultherapy with Voluma and Botox to achieve a natural and non-invasive facial sculpting.

Younger patients are coming forward more frequently these days to sculpt their faces non-invasively with Ultherapy. Dr David Loh, who is one of the first to operate the FDA approved skin-tightening treatment in Singapore, first noted that Ultherapy can shrink chubby faces if the energy was concentrated over the cheek fat pads. Hence he started offering younger patients who have round or chubby faces Ultherapy to make them look more sculpted. The word went round and Ultherapy is now as popular with younger patients looking to sculpt and contour their faces as with older patients looking to tighten skin and lift their sagging faces.

Ultherapy employs highly researched micro-focused ultrasound. By focusing the sound waves, it can create spots of energy under the skin specific depths. Each of these spots stimulates collagen regeneration. Collectively, several thousand of these spots cause a mild face lift like effect.

Using the deepest setting on the jowl fat pads, we can gently tightening up the connective tissue around the fat pad. This give rise to a mild facial sculpting effect.

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