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How to Treat a Sagging Face | Voluma Liquid Facelift

One of the most obvious signs when we age is sagging of the lower face. The “triangle of youth” gets inverted.

In youth, the face is wider at the cheekbones, narrowing down to the chin. This is called the “triangle of youth”. With age, volume is lost under the eyes, the cheekbones and temples causing sagging and a widening of the jaw-line and jowls. The “triangle of youth” becomes inverted.

Another way of looking at it is as a “deflation of the face”. Skin that used to be taught hangs loosely as the underlying supporting fat pads have shrunk. The degree of shrinkage varies with race and lifestyle factors (like sun damage and smoking). Even the underlying bone resorbs and can cause further sagging of the face.

This concept of “deflation” has been taken to another level by the publication of The DL Lift by Dr David Loh. Where the sequential and progressive deflation of facial fat pads are demonstrated with aging. And The DL Lift is a particular type of Liquid Facelift described by Dr David Loh which addresses this problem.

The DL Lift can be done alone as a non-surgical facelift. Or it can used to complement skin-tightening treatments like Ultherapy. It can be used preventively to avert aging that is caused by the sequential deflation of facial fat pads.

“Start young with non-invasive treatments like B*TOX and Fillers to avoid the need for more extensive treatments later in life.”

Dr David Loh, the Allergan appointed trainer since 2006, has trained more than 300 doctors in Singapore the finer techniques of B*tox and filler injections. He started his aesthetic clinic in 2002. He is now a faculty of the Allergan Academy and a much sought after speaker and trainer for advanced B*tox and Filler techniques.