Liposuction is about a Sense of Proportion

Dr David Loh on Liposuction

This is a transcript of an interview with Dr David Loh on Liposuction.

What do you see when you look in a full-length mirror? Almost all of us have it: that one despised fatty area that inexorably draws your eye and annoys the perfectionist in you. Most often the belly, the buttocks or the thighs, it could also be hamster cheeks, a double chin, a fatty chest, flabby underarms – anywhere, really, all the way down to the ankles.

Liposuction is one of the most popular aesthetic surgical procedures for a very good reason, says Dr David Loh. It allows both men and women to achieve, through a minor surgical procedure, a more svelte, proportional and beautiful figure and also, in the process, regain their confidence.

Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity,” he warns. “Only with diet and exercise can one lose weight. If someone eats more calories than they expend after liposuction, over time the body will store those fat cells, albeit in a different location than where the liposuction was done.”

Liposuction is excellent for addressing areas of disproportion, he says. That does not mean the patient has to be thin; it only means that there needs to be an area that is disproportionate, such as a bulge that does not flow harmoniously with the surrounding areas.

Though Dr Loh also performs various non-surgical methods of body contouring, he feels that liposuction remains a gold standard for permanent fat removal. And for areas where non-surgical sculpting methods are awkward, it’s the only way.


Dr David Loh is one of the pioneers of office based liposuction in Singapore since 2007. MOH accredited to perform liposuction in the clinic and in Day Surgery OT, Dr David Loh is the first Chairman of the Liposuction Peer Review Committee of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine in Singapore. His Wheelock Place clinic is one of a few aesthetic clinics in Singapore that is accredited for small area office based liposuction. He also performs fat transfers to the face, buttocks and breasts


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