Liquid Facelift using B*tox and Fillers

There is a Liquid Facelift for every face shape

The highly popular Liquid Facelift should be custom tailored for each and every face shape. I can’t be exhaustive, but here are some examples.

Generally among Asians, those with flat (retrusive) middle facial features benefit a lot from Fillers. For those with flat nose, flat mid-cheeks and/or small chin, by projecting the facial features slightly forwards creates an incredible amount of balance/symmetry and harmony to the face. This is of course in addition to the non-surgical facelift effect which fillers themselves have.

Among Caucasians, the shrinking of the cheek-fats is generally more prominent as they age. As the fat-pad shrinks, skin that used to be stretched tautly across the face now hangs loosely giving rise to the jowls, the marionette lines and the nasolabial folds. Volume replacement using Voluma (as The Liquid Facelift) helps the skin to drape better across the face again. This itself can take years off the face.

And then there are cases where the fat-shrinkage is more severe or where sagging skin is greater. In these instances, The Liquid Facelift may need to be done together with thread lift procedures (we use resorbable barbed threads) or skin-tightening procedures like Ulthera.

And in more severe cases, a classical facelift might be needed.


Dr David Loh opened his aesthetic clinic back in 2002 when the field was still in its infancy. He is a well known trainer for advanced B*tox and Fillers in Singapore and the region. He is the President of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine