Facial Sculptor

Sculptor without Scalpel – Dr David Loh using Facial Fillers

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The article was written circa June 2013. And reported in Herworld.
Since then, Dr David Loh has gained multiple international awards for his work on safety and innovative techniques

Doctors welding syringes of facial fillers instead of scalpels have changed the entire landscape of aesthetic treatments. Firstly, they are not just wrinkle chasers anymore. With highly evolved perspectives of what constitutes beauty, they are injecting fillers into areas hitherto unimaginable and sculpting and contouring faces in ways previously unheard of. And secondly, using only facial fillers, they are transforming faces into spectacular works of art! These are the sculptors without scalpels.

If you thought during your visit to the aesthetic doctor, he will simply inject some fillers into your nasolabial folds (the folds beside your nose), then you are quite mistaken. That’s almost an extinct method. Facial fillers are now used to prop up skin in surrounding areas to stretch out the naso-labial folds – all without ever injecting into the fold itself.

With facial fillers, you can expect to come out of the doctor’s office not only looking younger and fresher, but a more beautiful and more stunning version of yourself.  There’s nowhere that fillers cannot be injected. The forehead, around the eyes, the nose, the cheeks, the chin and even lips can be made to look more prominent or de-emphasized, as may be needed – all just with fillers.

“Evolved into art form, facial filler techniques are used to sculpt and contour faces to enhance beauty in already beautiful faces. Beyond just chasing wrinkles, facial fillers more importantly restore proportions, balance and symmetry.”

Faces that are flat can be made to appear shapelier; faces that are broad appear slimmer; or faces that are angular to appear softer. Small chins can be made more prominent; and flat noses more projected. And the list goes on.

And where fillers were once a dull and boring cousin of B*tox, it now takes center-stage as the most impressive and the most instantly gratifying aspect of any encounter with aesthetic doctors.  Not surprisingly, it has had a major revival in popularity in the last 5 years.

Previously taboo subjects about cosmetic surgeries suddenly became cool, hip, and something to talk about over dinners and at parties. While “no-recovery time” is de rigueur, facial sculpting and contouring with fillers is now the cutting-edged frontier.

“The way for aesthetic doctors to stand out from the crowd is to have a good foundation in injection techniques and to hone one’s skills into an art form. Today, aesthetic doctors are sculpting faces and shaping skin in such a way that lines stretch out even without a single drop of filler material injected into the line itself. In the future” Dr David Loh, who is the trainer for B*tox and fillers, added, “we will probably be looking at how to predict the effects of aging and using fillers to prevent it altogether. Already, studies have shown that fillers alone can stimulate the production of collagen just by their stretching the skin.”

Dr David Loh is the Allergan appointed trainer for B*tox and Fillers since 2006. He has trained more than 150 doctors in the region and was recently in Jakarta and Bali to train the future trainers for Indonesia. He also trains and consult for doctors in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, China. In China, he works with the Restylane range of Facial Fillers.

He owns a chain of aesthetic clinics along Orchard Road in Singapore. And he is the President of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine in Singapore.