Melasma Treatment

Something new and exciting that i have to share about melasma treatment. A laser that effectively treats the most difficult kind of pigmentation, melasma. I know this might sound cliche, but it is a breakthrough as far a melasma treatment is concerned. Introducing the Dual Yellow Laser. It is not some new fangled toy. It has been in the market for a number of years, and it has clinical papers to prove its efficacy and safety.

Where lasers failed in the past was that that they were designed to fragment pigments under the skin. In doing so, we sometimes injure that skin, which leaves a mark (PIH) itself. Even if we don’t cause any injury, there is another underlying reason for melasma, the aggregation of tiny blood vessels, that is not treated. So along comes this Dual Yellow Laser that can address both these problems. Hence we have seen a dramatic improvement of outcomes in the treatment of melasma.

But of course that is not the whole story. Effective treatment of melasma should really start with sun-protection. One should also review underlying hormonal causes that can be modified. Like the use of oral contraceptive. Chemical peels like glycolic acid peels and retinoids, and de-pigmentation agents like hydroquinone, arbutin etc can also be used.

Laser should be used as a laser resort, after all the above have failed or the benefits have plateaued, to clear the more superficial pigments.

Blotchy pigmentation and telangiectasia are characteristics of melasma.