preventive antiaging

Preventive Anti-aging

1. What is preventive anti-aging?

This is a whole new concept where we approach the problem of aging way before aging sets in. Look at your mum and you will know how you will age. Why wait till then to seek treatment? It is easier to do treatments to maintain your skin now then treat the problems later.

2. At what age does skin start to age?

Your skin actually starts to age immediately after puberty. However, even though your collagen is lessened, it is still able to heal itself quickly. This starts to slow down in the late 30s and 40s where actual signs of aging like sagging and wrinkles appear.

Your lifestyle also plays a big part in your aging process, so if you smoke and sun tan a lot, your skin’s aging will be accelerated.

3. Do genes play a big part in how we will age?

It does. Genetics determine your skin’s healing process. Certain races age better like Asians and African-Americans compared to Caucasians. Your face structure is also important when it comes to aging well. For example, certain features like thick lips can make a person look youthful.

4. I’m only in my 20s, do I need to do any anti aging treatments? Why?

You need to be aware of what environmental damage can do to your skin and start using skin care that protects. Maintanence is better than cure so you can start doing gentle laser and IPL treatments to regenerate collagen and keep your skin in good condition.

5. Will doing these treatments early make my skin more resistant to them as I get older?

No, in fact, it’s been scientifically proven that fillers actually stimulate collagen and improve skin tone. If you test skin before and six months after it’s had filler injections, you will see that the new skin has more collagen.

These treatments actually improve your skin’s baseline and takes it to a higher level so that you age slower.

6. What are some treatments to do for skin maintenance?

You can start with fillers to improve collagen and IPL to take away freckles, reduce acne and acne marks.

7. How do these treatments compare to anti aging creams?

Unlike the treatments above, creams can only go so far. Our skin is an excellent barrier against dust, oils, etc. That’s why sonophoresis machines have been used to drive the molecules of creams into our skin in some beauty treatments. Creams have to be designed very well to be able to deliver nutrients on its own.

Creams have their own place of course – it is comforting to use them when your skin feels dry. It just has to be formulated very well to be able to deliver its benefits.

8. In your experience, what is the best anti aging treatment available and why?

So far, Ulthera has been the most revolutionary as it is able to look into the many layers of skin and deliver the precise dosage without harming the epidermis. Patients are able to get a firmer and tighter face just from one treatment!

9. What other benefits does Ulthera have?

It stimulates collagen, reduces lines and gives you an overall radiant look.

10. Can we delay our skin from aging and how?

Realistically, we can’t delay our skin from aging but we can hold back the signs of aging that chronological age will show. In the last 20 years, there have been a lot of advances in technology like non-ablative lasers, Thermage, Titan and Ulthera – many affordable treatments that have been scientifically proven to deliver results. So, you can delay the signs of aging even though you can’t delay aging itself!