The Botox Lift

First described by Dr David Loh in 2006, the Botox Lift achieves a mild lifting of the face using only strategically placed botulinum toxin injection.


from 2,800
This is the price for Ultherapy of the lower face, under the chin and around the jawline. From our experience with Ultherapy, these are areas which Ultherapy is most effective and gives the best results. Read more about the Ultherapy-V-Lift. The price differs for other area combinations. The number of lines used is a function of the size of the face, the area treated and also the power setting the patient can tolerate. It differs widely between doctors who operate Ultherapy.


from 2,800
Sofwave is the next generation HIFU (launched only in 2021) that provides more precise treatments that are more consistently reproducible. And the built-in contact cooling provides greater comfort during treatments. Read more about how Sofwave compares with pedigreed HIFUs like Ultherapy.


from 1,000
Morpheus8 is one of a range of minimally invasive skin tightening treatment that also improves skin texture and the appearance of acne scars. Within this range of treatments includes other devices like Sylfirm and Secret RF. Morpheus8 can be used to target different areas, but is particularly useful around the eyes (a non-surgical blepharoplasty)

The DL-Lift

from 3,200
Name after Dr David Loh, who published this technique in 2018, the treatment is a specific type of Liquid Facelift. Using CAHA or HA fillers, the treatment produces a mild non-surgical facelift effect. Good for post surgical-facelift patients who still have targeted areas of sagging. This is an option to fat grafting.

Dermal fillers for the Nose or Lips

Per area  800
Projection of central features to create greater harmony in the face. We use only high quality hyaluronic acid fillers, and our doctors, as long time educators, have published on safe injection techniques in peer reviewed medical journals.

Dermal fillers for Forehead, Cheeks or Chin

Per area 1,600
Volume replacement and softening hollowed areas for a more youthful face. We use only high quality hyaluronic acid fillers, and our doctors, as long time educators, have published on safe injection techniques in peer reviewed medical journals.

Fat grafting to the face

There are obvious advantages to using your own fat cells as a dermal filler. For one, fat cells that “take” after the transplantation process will last for the long term. And we do not need to worry about “rejection” or “allergies”, as the fat cells are autologous (patient’s own). This price includes a mini-liposuction, the processing and re-injection of nano-fat as well as structural fat. We will always treat the whole face, rather than in parts, in each session of fat grafting since a mini-liposuction is involved.


Ideal for individuals who may have loose skin in addition to localized adiposity around the lower face and neck. Facetite is an addon procedure after a mini-liposuction of the lower face and neck to prevent loose skin from happening. In a way, it is a Facelift (Rhytidectomy) done with just liposuction sized incisions. Which are very small incisions.

Mini-liposuction of the cheeks and/or neck

When all external non-invasive methods have failed, liposuction is an option that can help sculpt the face and the double chin. This procedure is however not indicated for everyone with a round or broad face. A consultation and discussion can sometimes reveal simpler ways to achieve a V-shaped face. If indicated, the mini-liposuction procedure is a relatively minor and safe procedure.

Facial Slimming with B*tox or Xeomin

Achieve a controlled atrophy of the masseter muscle for a slimmer and more V-shaped face. Treats masseter hypertrophy mainly but this treatment can also help bruxism and certain sleep apnoea situations. Because of the theoretical possibility of neutralising antibodies with repeated intramuscular B*tox, we recommend the purer Xeomin for this treatment. Sometimes instead of the masseter muscle, the parotid glands may also be hypertrophied and can also be similarly treated.


Arguably the most popular aesthetic treatment in the world, botulinum toxin injections are not only a potent wrinkle reduction treatment, it can nowadays treat a host of other conditions. We only use premium brands of botulinum toxins like Botox or Xeomin in all our treatments.

Skin Boosters

from  1,000
In order to minimize recovery time from multiple skin injections, Volite skin boosters in our practice are injected using our unique cannula injection technique. Achieve the “dewy” type skin hydration from within. There are limitations of the treatment and exact result which can realistically be achieved varies, depending on many factors. Not least the original underlying condition.


from 1,000
Profhilo is another intense hydration skin treatment. Instead of being delivered via a cannula like with Volite, Prohilo is injected in 5 points on each side of the face. The non-cross linked hyaluronic acid in Profhilo diffuses across the face to bring about more radiant skin.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

While our IPL is not exactly some new-fangled cutting edge piece of technology, it still does its job very well (and quite predictably too). IPL is good at removing superficial pigmentation. Freckles and solar lentigines can be “zapped” off sometimes in a matter of 1-2 sessions. IPL combined Micro-b*tox can help reduce acneiform rosacea when other treatments have failed.


from 380
We have too many lasers to mention all of them. Essentially, they can be divided into pigmentation lasers, resurfacing lasers, and vascular lasers. The laser treatment that is most suitable will depend on the condition that needs to be treated and also the desired outcome. One thing patients need to understand is that there are many skin conditions that require a course of laser treatments rather than a single treatment. Patience is key.


The underlying technology is based on delivering energy to the deeper layers of the outer skin (basement membrane) to cause it to remodel (heal itself). Sylfirm does this using needles that deliver radiofrequency energy to the basement membrane of the skin. What is has shown to be particularly useful is in the treatment of certain types of melasma….. Watch Sylfirm video

Vaser Liposuction (one small area)

Areas like male-boobs (pseudo-gynecomastia), bra-strap fats, double chin, the cheek fats, and touch-ups for previous liposuction all constitute mini-liposuction. These procedures can be performed in our MOH accredited liposuction clinic at Novena Medical Center. Sedation by an anaesthetist can be arranged.
Watch Video here.

Vaser Liposuction (multiple areas)

Larger areas of liposuction like the abdomen or thighs or multiple areas are performed at Novena Day Surgery which is located next to our branch clinic. High definition Vaser (aka Vaser HD) techniques will be incorporated wherever possible. This price includes surgical fees for Vaser liposuction and Vaser HD, compression garments, discharge medications, and follow-ups. But excludes the Day Surgery and anaesthetist fees. Watch Video here.


Bodytite is an addon treatment after liposuction to minimize the possibility of experiencing loose skin. And avoid the need for a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) in borderline cases of loose skin in areas like the underarm, inner thighs, around the belly button. Bodytite can also be used on its own, without performing a liposuction, to treat areas of loose skin anywhere on the body.

Cellulite Subcision with fat grafting

Tether-like adhesions under the skin of the thighs give rise to the dimpled look characteristic of cellulite. These tethers can be surgically severed by a procedure called Cellulite Subcision. This is usually done in conjunction with a liposuction of the thighs to redistribute fat in the area. And the whole procedure is done in Novena Day Surgery as above. Excludes Day Surgery and anaesthetist fees.

Fat Grafting to the buttocks, breasts and other body areas

Fat harvested during liposuction of a large area like the abdomen or the thighs can be cleaned, washed and filtered into autologous fat. This autologous fat can be used in a procedure called Fat Grafting (aka fat transfer or lipofilling) to enhance the size of the buttocks, the breasts, or the face. Almost like a “body filler”. It can also be used as a method to correct areas of irregularity and divets following liposuction. Excludes Day Surgery and anaesthetist fees.

Thermage Body

The popular skin tightening treatment called Thermage can also be used on body areas like to abdomen or the thighs to improve skin elasticity and reduce fine wrinkles. To manage the discomfort, sedation by an anaesthetist is usually arranged for Thermage Body.
We operate the older CPT version of Thermage, which we find to be good enough for its intended purpose. We do not operate the newer Thermage FLX.

Day Surgery

from 3,000
Sedation by Anaesthetist per hour 850

Coolsculpting or Zimmer Fat Freezing

Lean back and have your bulges frozen away. Fat freezing is a painless and non-invasive procedure. Suitable for small areas as well. Hence no recovery time as well. Although mild, the results are visible and palpable every time. Exceptions are rare.

RF / shockwave treatment for Cellulite

One of the components in the causation of cellulite is poor tissue circulation. This non-invasive external treatments improve tissue circulation and reduces lymphoedema and is an important adjunct in the overall treatment of cellulite.

Hand Rejuvenation with fat transfer

Plump up the hollows on the dorsum of the hand with either fat or Radiesse. Fat transfer (aka fat grafting or lipofilling) uses fat harvested via a mini-liposuction procedure as a natural filler material to plump up the back of the hands. As the fat is autologous (patient’s own), there is no risk of rejection or allergies. Fat transfer has the advantage of being long lasting.

Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse

from 1,500
Plump up the hollows on the dorsum of the hand with either fat or Radiesse. In addition to the filler effects, the biostimulation that Radiesse brings about increases collagen synthesis and improved elasticity of the skin. Radiesse is injected with a cannula under the skin over the dorsum of the hand. Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse has the advantage of not requiring a mini-liposuction.

Botox for calves slimming

A niche request by some patients, botulinum toxin can be used to create a controlled atrophy of the gastrocnemius (calf) muscles. This in turn improves the curves over the back of the leg.

Neck Firming with Botox

Horizontal neck lines and the turkey gobble can be effectively treated with botulinum toxin injected into the skin of the neck. The skin also tightens over the neck. As with all botulinum toxin treatments, the results are quite definite (i.e not iffy, as with other treatments for the neck).

Pigmentation Reduction

from 380
There is no mystery about pigmentation treatments. There are well documented methods to treat even the most stubborn pigmentation problems like melasma. It involves the combination of peeling agents, skin lightening creams, anti-oxidants, and then lasers as a last resort. And among the lasers, the tried and tested ones are still the most predictable in their outcomes.

Tattoo Removal

from 300
We have a laser that can selectively target pigment from unwanted tattoos. The pigments are shattered to smaller particles which are then absorbed and discarded by the white blood cells in the skin through a process called phagocytosis. There are certain limitations with pigments of a certain colour.

Moles, Milia, Skin Tags

Unwanted growths and stuff on the skin, as long as they are not suspicious of being cancerous, can be zapped away with an electrocautery or the CO2 laser.

Veins and Capillaries

The smaller veins and broken capillaries in the skin, be it on the face or the legs, or for that matter anywhere else, can be effectively zapped away by our long-pulsed NdYag laser. As a caveat, these veins and capillaries do recur and sometimes quite soon.

Super Hair Removal

from 50
SHR is a painless “permanent hair removal” that is suitable for even for darker skin types. Prices vary, obviously, for different areas. Some areas like the thighs will cost more by nature of the extent of the work.

Coolglide for ingrown hairs

OK, this laser is not exactly painless like with SHR, hence it is reserved for the areas that SHR fails to treat, or for ingrown hairs.

Botox for palms or axilla

Intradermal botulinum toxin can reduce the sweating in the axilla (armpits) or the palms of the hands by 60%-90% depending of the severity of hyperhidrosis. The price includes local anaesthesia.

Subdermal Laser

A fibre-optic system that delivers a laser to the underside of the skin of the axilla (armpits) to shock and disrupt the sweat glands. Reduces sweating by around 30%-40%, based on our patients’ feedback over the years.

Chemical Peels

Lift off some dead squames and the grime from the surface of the skin with our gentle peels. Unblock pores and let your skin breath better. Trivia: Repeated microdermabrasion thickens skin due friction. Chemical peels don’t.

Carbon Peel

The heat from a laser hitting carbon particles applied onto the skin causes a mild, no downtime, brightening of the skin. Good as a maintenance treatment to prevent acne.

Fractional CO2

The quintessential laser resurfacing treatment, fractional CO2 lasers treats fine lines and wrinkles, as well as certain types of acne scars.

Micro-Botox (meso-Botox or intradermal-Botox)

This is the most direct method to reduce open-pores. The botulinum toxin works on the erector pili muscle in the skin that is responsible for opening the pores. The suppression of sweating and reduction in sebum production give one the so called “poreless” or “always-powdered-looking” skin.

IPL combined with micro-botox

This combination treatment effectively reduces oily skin, acne-like eruptions in certain forms of rosacea.