We offer a range of services for body contouring and sculpting, ranging from Coolsculpting (which is completely external and non-invasive) to Smartlipo (invasive but very gentle) to Vaser (invasive and very powerful). In this page, our focus is on non-invasive procedures.

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Coolscupting is a non-invasive treatment that works on the principle of Cryolipolysis. By freezing and thawing the fat cells, we can cause them to fat cells die off in a non-violent manner which is called apoptosis. The surrounding tissues like the skin, nerves and muscles are completely unaffected.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Years of R&D by Zeltiq has created an FDA approved fat-busting device that is demonstrated in clinical trials to reduce around 20% of fat cells treated. It has been safely and successfully used in numerous countries over the last few years. And this is the original and only FDA approved Cryolipolysis machine.

Coolsculpting has numerous celebrities endorsing it and really does not need any introduction. It has been a worldwide hit of a body sculpting treatment with an impeccable safety profile.


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