Radiofrequency produces “deep tissue heating.” In our practice, we use it exclusively for the treatment of Cellulite and in follow-ups after Liposuction. We do not use it as a primary means to lift sagging skin or to battle the bulges.



Fats heat up faster than the water when RF is applied to it. This is because oils have a higher impedance to RF than water. Skin is made up of several layers. The surface has high water content while deeper, there is invariably some subcutaneous fat. The subcutaneous fat and their fibrous septae contract as a result of the heat generated when RF is applied to it. Some of the heat destroys the fat cells but very little.

The main way that RF improves cellulite is that the heat generated improves the circulation within the skin and subcutaneous tissues. In fact the word Cellulite originated from “cellulitis” in early medical literature. Doctors in that era had thought that cellulite was due to poor circulation arising from infection. Of course we now know that cellulite is not due to infections but just the sluggish nature of the lymphatic circulation in the thighs. Hence most treatments that improve circulation will improve cellulite. The includes the LPG Evndermologie, Velasmooth and of course our RF.



Radiofrequency, among several other RF/massaging devices, are pretty good for temporary control of cellulite. Results from RF treatments with are somewaht immediate. Several treatments may be required. But once improved, it will stay that way for many months.

The Bulges

RF is hopeless for body sculpting. Do Coolsculpting or VASER instead

The Face

RF can sometimes be useful in the lower part of the face, chin and jaw areas. But Ulthera does a much more elegant job at non-invasively sculpting the face.



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