Whereas in “conventional” BOTOX, the injections target muscles which give rise to particular wrinkles, the injections for The BOTOX Lift are targeted at specific muscles with a downward vector. These include the depressor anguli ori, orbicularis occuli and the platysmus muscle at the jaw line.


The “lifting effect” of Intradermal BOTOX is also attributed to injections over lower part of the face close to the jaw-line canceling some of the downward pull of the platysmus muscle and thus giving the cheeks and jowls a “lift”. This is the main action in The BOTOX Lift.

Besides the platysmus, other muscles like the constrictors of the eye and the Depressor Anguli Ori (DAO) are also weakened to allow an eyebrow lift and an up-tilt of the angle of the mouth respectively. The latter minimizes the marionette lines.

Dr David Loh first presented “The BOTOX Lift” in Singapore in 2006. It has since also been called the Nephrititi Lift among other names.



A slightly unbalanced smile is a possible but rare side-effect with another method called Intradermal BOTOX. The Zygomaticus major or the Levator labii superioris alaque nasi may be affected by BOTOX diffusing downward into them. They lie just beneath areas of skin where the injections are commonly admistered.

The side-effect can be consciously avoided in expert hands.



The BOTOX Lift can be used in synergy with Ultherapy, Thread Lifts, The Radiesse Lift, and with Fillers. The DL Lift is a method of injection described by Dr David Loh, using Voluma and Volux fillers.


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