A common area where this technique is applied as part of facial sculpting is the masseter muscle. A strong or hypertrophied masseter muscle is often referred to as “the square jaw“.




Unlike with B*tox in other areas, muscle atrophy does not appear until after about 1 month. Subsequent injections are usually 4-6 months apart or 2-3 times a year. Lasting atrophy which we initially thought would occur seldom happens.



The strong jawline can actually look good on men. In fact even the band of muscle below the eye also gives a somewhat manly character. But it’s a different matter if the aim is to have a demure feminine face. B*TOX can weaken the masseter muscle giving a softer angle at the jaw in women who have a squarish face.



Band of Muscle under the Eye

The small band of muscle is responsible for some of the wrinkles under the eyes. B*TOX will therefore reduce the wrinkles as well as widen the eye a little. The only problem with this is that very often, a herniation of the fat pads under the eyes can occur. This gives rise to “eyebags”. So do not assume your problems can be solved with just B*TOX. The orbicularis occuli muscle is also part of the lifting muscles of the face and over weakening it may actually cause the face to sag. A consultation is needed to give an accurate estimate as to whether B*TOX can help or whether it will instead cause “eyebags” and “sagging Face”.

Big Calves

BOTOX can sculpt the muscles of the calves if they appear to bulky. But the cost can be quite high as a lot of B*tox is needed to cause muscle atrophy. Alternatively, we also do VASER assisted Liposuction on calves instead. Otherwise do not look at it too much.


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