Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Fillers can be used to restore volume to create balance, harmony of the facial features as well as to bring out youthful contours. This is the new paradigm in the use of fillers. In the past, fillers were used mainly to soften static lines like the nasolabial folds. Now, in addition to treating lines, we use them to re-volumize the face.

Aging comes with a downward migration of the face and a loss in volume over the cheeks. Restoring volume loss in the midface can minimise this sagging effect. Additionally, volumization itself can soften lines like the naso-labial folds, nasojugal groove and the marionette lines by letting the skin drape better over the cheeks. It can also lift the jowls.

Fillers can also project facial features when used on the chin, the nose or the malar area. This is very popular among asian women.

We use volumizing fillers VOLUMA as well as Restylane SubQ. We have named the procedure The Liquid Facelift.



There are body fillers like Macrolane and there are fillers for the face like Restylane and Juverderm. There are also fillers that are not made of hyaluronic acid, like Radiesse.

Here are important considerations for our choice of fillers:

  • We rule out anything “permanent”. We only use non-permanent fillers that are totally biodegradable after injection into the skin.
  • We prefer to use fillers that are totally predictable. We need to know exactly how it behaves once injected.
  • The filler has got to be smooth, even-textured and moldable at any depth.
  • The filler has got to last around 12 months (even longer for deep volumising fillers) after injection.
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers are preferable because they can be easily dissolved with hylase, in the event of misplacement or adverse reactions.


Hylase, an enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid, is any aesthetic doctors best friend as it allows fillers to be adjusted or removed whenever needed.



This is the best invention in filler technology. Incorporating lidocaine into the hyaluronic acid, the XC range of Juvederm fillers takes all the fear and pain out of having fillers injected. These days most other companies produce fillers with anaesthetic inside. We cannot imagine going back to fillers without the xylocaine.



We do NOT use semi-permanent or permanent fillers made from polyacrylamide, poly-lactic acid or silicone.

Faces will change over time. We will all continue to age and sag. Why inject something into the face that lasts a lifetime, when it is better to adjust it periodically to suit the “evolving” face.




Permanent fillers can potentially cause granulomas (skin reacting to foreign material) after a period of time in the skin. There’s no easy way to remove the granulomas. We can offer only limited help by injecting minute amounts of kenacort deep into the granulomas to prevent any further swelling.

NB: Never agree to free-particle silicone injections for the face or the breasts. If you must have polyacrylamide fillers injected, be sure the doctor can deal with the granulomas or skin reactions that occur later on.

Facial Sculpting


The art of facial sculpting and contouring is brought about mainly through the skillful application of fillers.

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