There are facial fillers, and there are facial fillers.

Not all facial fillers are made the same. But HSA Singapore forbids the elaboration of these facial fillers’ advantages online. So the rest of this article will appear rubbishy and confusing. If you would still like to know why Dr David Loh prefers to use one brand over another, please come for a face to face consultation.

Some of the better known brands of facial fillers include Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyl and Belotero. They are everything we liked about fillers, easy to to inject (therefore assurance of a better job), integrates well with surrounding tissues, moldable and natural looking. And most importantly for Dr David Loh, they are made of Hyaluronic Acid. But you’ll have to ask him why or else listen to him at medical conferences as to why he has this preference.

The above mentioned are brands of facial fillers. Within each brand, they have sub-products for various purposes and various parts of the face. Just like Mercedes Benz (a brand) has S, E, C, B and A classes of cars for drivers of diifferent aspirations.

The harder products like Juvederm’s Volux, Belotero’s Intense, Restylane’s Perlane are used like an injectable implants for chin enhancement and nose bridge projection.

Volumizing Products like Juvederm Voluma, Belotero Volume and Teosyl are used to re-shape and sculpt the face, but also to add volume to the face.

But most significantly, XXX and YYY are fillers of choice in the DL Lift. This is a Liquid Facelift, or non-surgical facelift, which is achieved through selective re-inflation of facial fat pads. The technique was described, published in medical literature since 2018 and is named after Dr David Loh. Hence DL Lift. (Apologies for using XXX and YYY – not allowed under Singapore law to endorse products by name)

With Teosyl’s Redensity 2, Belotero Soft, Juvederm Vobella and Volift (the softer fillers), we are now able to do fine work around the mouth and the eyes with a greater degree of precision.

Redensity 1, Hydrate, and Volite are a hydration filler that we inject under the skin to draw moisture to the skin. They are a kind of skin booster, they name that caught on, with one treatment lasting 2-9 months.



Re-volumizing the face gives better results than when used to target grooves and fold in isolation. The DL Lift is a clearly mapped out method, described by Dr David Loh, to selectively replace volume in fat compartments that have begun to atrophy. The fat compartments being part of the SMAS restores tension in the SMAS. Thus in turn gives a mild lifting effect that is quite dramatic, yet natural.

And since we know when which fat compartment begins to atrophy, like the ones under the eyes and deep in the cheeks will start to atrophy in the late 20s and 30s, while the lateral fat compartments usually in the 40s, we can even preventively target them to as a “preventive anti-sagging” treatment. This is the essence of The DL Lift.

And there is a particular Volumizing filler that is is the foundation of the technique.



The chin and jawline is often overlooked because most patient’s focus is on the nasolabial fold. In fact a well defined chin and jawline frames the face properly and can enhance an already beautiful face. VVV* is a high lifting capacity hyaluronic acid filler from the famous facial filler company that was introduced in 2019.

*VVV is used in place of the actual name to comply with HSA regulations. 

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