Among all the aesthetic procedures available, lip fillers can bring about the most dramatic improvements in one’s appearance, if injected by a doctor with good hands and an eye for aesthetics.

The lips are by nature one of the sexiest parts of the human body. Not only is it sexy, it is always exposed to the world. Excuse me for the cliché, but honestly speaking, sex appeal does get you places.

Not just to attract the opposite sex, but also in many other areas like getting ahead in the job market. And just one syringe of lip fillers would go such a long way to increase one’s chances in any endeavor.

So, our doctors never forget the lips when you are doing full face aesthetic makeovers with filler injections. Otherwise, it is not really complete.


Lip Fillers
Most people do not have ugly lips. Sometimes the lips are simply not proportionate to the other facial features. Like for individuals with strong cheek-bones or broad faces, emphasizing on the more central features like the lips, chin and nose with some fillers can restore harmony to the face.


Sometimes the lips are themselves slightly disproportionate. All beautiful things in nature follow the golden ratio of 1.67, or Phi. Beautiful “upper lips : lower lips” ratios should be 1:1.67.

Interestingly, all humans even from young are programed to notice and prefer things which follow this golden ration. Slightly out of proportion, it would bug us constantly. Lip fillers are very effective at restoring such proportions when they are off.


The lips tend to deflate like most other parts of our body, as we age. The lips would begin to appear flat and also lose its prominences and projections that make it sexy. Lip fillers are the ideal for restoring of the fullness, and the sexy shapes in aging lips.



Lip filler injections take about 30 minutes or so, with the first 20 minutes used to apply topical anaesthetic to minimize discomfort. Ice packs are also applied to the lips just before and after the filler injections. This minimizes bleeding and bruising, and also provides greater comfort.


The lip filler procedure is relatively comfortable because the filler materials we use, whether it is Emerval Lips or Juvederm Volift, contain a local anesthetic Lidocaine. But of course, the lips are very sensitive by nature. So it will not be completely painless.


Our doctors may choose to use a cannula or a sharp needle to perform lip filler injections.




After the lip filler injections, some patients may experience some swelling or occasionally some small bruises.

This can take a week or more to settle. The lip filler results are immediate.

The modern-day fillers like Emerval Lips and Juvederm Volift last about 1 year.

Lip fillers cost $1,000 onwards.




Dr David Loh

Dr David Loh



Dr David Loh founded David Loh Surgery back in 2002 when Aesthetic Medicine as a field was still in its infancy. He obtained his basic medical and surgical degree from the National University of Singapore. He has over 30 years of clinical experience, 18 years of which were in aesthetics. He is MOH-accredited to perform office-based Liposuction. He is perhaps best known for being a trainer for B*tox and Dermal Fillers in the region. He is the President of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine in Singapore.

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