A new, non-thermal, non-invasive skin clarifying and lightening treatment, Pico Genesis, is now available at David Loh Surgery – with each session lasting just 20 minutes from start to finish. Patients can enjoy minimal downtime and expect to see results from just one session, with optimal results after as few as two treatments.



Pico Genesis is the latest innovation from CUTERA – a leading provider of laser, light, and energy-based aesthetic systems – which treat pigmentary skin concerns using the Enlighten picosecond laser system. By delivering a “shockwave effect” with ultra-short laser pulses, pigmentation is selectively shattered. At the same time, it sends signals to the upper dermis to naturally remodel. The result is brighter, more uniform complexion within just a matter of days.




Rather than heating the skin’s tissue, the picosecond laser pulses safely deliver the energy photo-acoustically (shockwaves created by light) in pulses of one-billionths of a second. The technology is also able to treat every level of pigmentation, right down to even deep pigments like in certain tattoos.




This versatile technology is applicable for most skin types, addressing a variety of pigmentation-related skin concerns safely, swiftly and consistently. It is suitable for patients who are looking to reduce the appearance of sunspots or age spots and general pigmentation, or who simply desire a more radiant and brighter complexion, younger skin, and a more even skin tone.


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