The Subdermal Laser offers a semi-permanent solution to sweaty armpit.

This cannot be done on the hands or feet.



Many of our patients do not actually have hyperhidrosis in the clinical sense of the word. Living in the tropics, they seek treatment to avoid sweat stains on their luxurious silk blouses. Or others are models avoiding sweat stains during a photo-shoot.



By reducing an otherwise damp environment on the skin of the armpits, we are making it a little less hospitable for bacteria and fungi to grow there.

The apocrine glands’ secretions (our pheromones) may also be reduced. Hence odour is also reduced.



We can destroy the sweat glands in the armpit using a minimally invasive (key-hole) technique to pass an ultra-fine fiberoptic laser under the skin of the armpit. Outer skin is totally undisturbed while the laser destroys the sweat glands and even some hair roots. With some of the sweat glands destroyed, sweating will be reduced by 50% to 60%.




Another part of the body takes over the job of sweating when it is unable to sweat through the armpits after Thoracic Sympathectomy ( a procedure where the nerves going to the sweat glands are cut at the level of the spinal cord). This phenomenon is called compensatory sweating and may occur on any other part of the body where there are sweat glands. Compensatory sweating is not a problem associated with Subdermal-Laser treatment.

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