Sometimes you may find yourself stuck with loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat even after exercising and eating right. Fortunately, there are treatments available in Singapore for those looking to enhance their figure without going under the knife. 

One such treatment is BodyTite, which belongs to a range of minimally invasive skin tightening treatments that are often used as an add-on procedure after liposuction to prevent loose skin. Within this group of minimally invasive skin tightening treatments, there are also Renuvion and Facetite. Read on to find out how BodyTite works, its benefits, and whether it is the right choice for you




BodyTite is a cosmetic procedure designed to address two common aesthetic concerns at once: skin laxity and localised fat deposits. This treatment is known for its effectiveness in achieving smoother, tighter skin and refined body contours without the need for major surgery.

BodyTite can be used to complement liposuction treatment. Patients may undergo liposuction under general anaesthesia before BodyTite is applied as an add-on procedure to specific areas where loose skin might be expected. In order to delivery the best liposuction results for patients.

The primary objectives of BodyTite are:

  1. Skin tightening
  2. Fat reduction



BodyTite works through radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) technology. The RFAL handpiece is a dual-pronged probe that emits RF energy to the skin. One probe is applied on top of the skin while the other goes under the skin to liquefy fat.

After being liquified, the fat cells are gently suctioned out. The body’s natural response to the heat on the surface and within the skin is to produce more collagen and elastin, prompting the skin to tighten.

As a result, the body area appears smoother, firmer and more youthful.



  1. Skin tightening: BodyTite has the ability to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin while achieving fat reduction. It is especially beneficial for individuals who have experienced significant weight loss or have sagging skin due to natural ageing.
  1. Targeted fat reduction: BodyTite is highly effective at removing moderate amounts of localised fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise, allowing for precise body contouring and improved proportions.
  1. Minimal scarring: The incisions made during BodyTite are exceptionally small and strategically placed. As a result, scarring is minimal and often barely noticeable once fully healed.
  1. Reduced downtime: Recovery time after a BodyTite procedure is relatively short. Most people resume their normal activities within a few days to a week, making it suitable for those with hectic lives.
  1. Long-lasting results: The skin tightening and fat reduction achieved through BodyTite can be long-lasting, especially with proper post-procedure care and a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Increased self-confidence: A more toned and youthful appearance can boost self-confidence and overall well-being, leading to a more positive self-image.



Understanding what to expect during the BodyTite procedure can help alleviate any concerns. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process.

1. Consultation

The first step is to seek the advice of either an aesthetic doctor accredited by the Ministry of Health to perform liposuction, or a plastic surgeon. During the appointment, you can discuss your aesthetic goals and ask for a recommendation. Your doctor will analyse your suitability for BodyTite, explain the procedure and clarify any concerns you may have.

2. Pre-procedure preparation

On the day of the procedure, you will be prepared for the treatment. The process includes taking before photos to track progress and marking the areas to be treated.

3. Local anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia is administered to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. With local anaesthesia, you will experience no pain. Sedation may also be administered.

4. Incisions

Small incisions, typically less than one centimetre long, are made in the areas targeted for treatment. These incisions are strategically placed to minimise scarring and ensure optimal access for the BodyTite handpiece.

5. Radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL)

The BodyTite handpiece is inserted through the incisions. The RFAL technology delivers controlled radiofrequency energy, targeting both fat cells and the deeper layers of the skin. The fat cells are liquefied, and the skin is tightened from within.

6. Fat reduction

After the fat cells have been liquefied, a gentle suction removes them from the body. The specialised BodyTite technology allows for precise and effective fat removal.

7. Skin tightening

The continuous heating of the skin from below encourages collagen production, gradually improving skin elasticity and reducing laxity.

8. Closure

Once the fat removal and skin tightening are complete, the small incisions are closed, often with dissolvable sutures. Sterile dressings or compression garments may be applied to assist with the healing process.

9. Recovery

After the procedure, patients are monitored for a short period for the sedation or anaesthesia to wear off before being allowed to return home. Like with all our liposuction cases, patients can go home on their own.



Here’s what you can expect after your procedure is done.

Immediately after the procedure

  • You may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the treated areas. These side effects are expected and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relief medication.
  • The incisions are usually closed with dissolvable sutures, eliminating the need for suture removal.

1 week after the procedure

  • Swelling and bruising will start to subside.
  • Patients can return to work at this point, but it may vary depending on the individual and the extent of treatment.

2-4 weeks after the procedure

  • Swelling and bruising continue to diminish.
  • Skin tightening begins to show visible improvements as collagen production increases.
  • You should continue to wear compression garments, if they are recommended by your surgeon.

3-6 Months after the procedure

  • The majority of swelling and bruising should be gone.
  • Skin laxity is significantly improved, and you should notice a smoother, more youthful appearance in the treated areas.
  • The final results become more evident as your body fully heals and adapts to the changes made during the BodyTite procedure.

We strongly advise you to follow your surgeon’s post-procedure care instructions to optimise the results and reduce the risk of complications. Staying well-hydrated and maintaining a balanced diet can help your body heal and regenerate effectively.



The decision to undergo a BodyTite treatment should be made after carefully considering your goals and consulting an aesthetic doctor. Here are some factors to help you determine if BodyTite is the right choice for you.

1. Aesthetic goals

BodyTite is an excellent option for specific aesthetic goals, such as loose abdominal skin that is not exactly severe enough to warrant a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and yet too severe for Ultherapy or Thermage type devices to be of any help. Other than the abdomen, it can also treat other areas with loose skin over, like the thighs, arms, and neck.

2. Skin laxity

If you have loose or sagging skin, whether due to ageing, significant weight loss, or other factors, BodyTite’s skin tightening capabilities can be highly beneficial.

3. Non-surgical preference

If you’re hesitant about undergoing invasive surgery, BodyTite’s minimally invasive nature, along with local anaesthesia, can be a more appealing choice.

4. Realistic expectations

It’s essential to have realistic expectations regarding the results. While BodyTite can significantly improve your figure, it cannot replace a healthy lifestyle and exercise. In more severe cases of loose skin, BodyTite does not fully replace a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

5. Health and lifestyle

You should be in good overall health to undergo a BodyTite treatment.



BodyTite treatment is an add-on treatment after liposuction to minimise loose skin. It can efficiently tighten skin, if there is already pre-existing loose skin. The whole procedures allows for localised fat deposit reduction, and skin tightening, without one having to go through an extensive recovery period.

Vaser Liposuction, Vaser HD, with or without BodyTite is available David Loh Surgery. Our team of doctor, nurses and technicians, who have been working together since 2007 on everything to do with our liposuction service, will take the time to understand your aesthetic goals, assess your unique needs, and discuss the most suitable treatment plan for you. Led by Dr. David Loh, an aesthetic doctor who is MOH accredited to perform Liposuction, and with a wealth of experience in the field, our clinic is dedicated to delivering results and ensuring your satisfaction.

Book a consultation now to learn more about BodyTite and its cost.




While BodyTite can be used on its own for contouring and skin tightening. It can also be used in combination with liposuction. After a liposuction treatment, BodyTite can be used on specific areas to enhance the overall results for patients. Ultimately, though, the best choice for you will depend on your unique circumstances, and a consultation with a qualified liposuction doctor can help you determine which procedure aligns with your goals and whether you should do a combination treatment.

The results of BodyTite treatment can be long-lasting, depending on your lifestyle. Abstaining from unhealthy habits and eating a healthy diet with exercise can help maintain your results from BodyTite for an extended period. Collagen production stimulated by the procedure continues for several months, contributing to sustained changes in skin tightness.

Bodytite is not a weight loss treatment. The focus of BodyTite is on improving skin tightness, body contours and addressing stubborn fat rather than significant weight loss. BodyTite targets and removes small amounts of localised fat deposits while simultaneously tightening the skin.

The level of pain or discomfort varies from person to person, although it is generally tolerable. Local anaesthesia is administered to the treatment area, which numbs the area and minimises pain during the process.



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