High Definition Vaser LipoSelection (HDVL) is a form of LipoSelection where shadows and curves are deliberately created during VASER to give the impression of muscular definition. To give the impression that the person is fit and athletic. David Loh Surgery is an aesthetic clinic that is MOH accredited to perform office based liposuction. Dr David Loh also operates at a day Surgery in Novena. High Definition Vaser Liposelection is normally perform in OT with an anaesthetist to administer sedation. The recovery time is not much more than non-high definition liposuction. The long term determination to keep lean after high definition vaser liposelection should also be the same as with normal liposuction.

NB: This is not the same as “etching” of the skin other liposuction techniques.

NB: The fats are “carved” into muscle shapes, so a fair bit of effort is needed to maintain it. And it feels like fat, not muscle, to touch.

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Both men and women who are reasonably fit are suitable for HDVL. But success is seen most in otherwise gym-fit individuals and in those with moderate amounts of subcutaneous fat.


The gym-fit criteria is because then one can continue to exercise and maintain the muscular definition. Often, HDVL gives one the motivation to go back to the gym again, after some years of neglect. And a renewed quest for body beautiful.

Who is suitable for High Definition Vaser Liposuction


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