Smartlipo, AccuTite, FaceTite and Accusculpt are all minimally invasive technique for removing localized subcutaneous fats. These are all so called power-assisted liposuction techniques that we reserve for smaller areas or for touch ups. For larger areas, we use Vaser Liposuction or Microaire, which are more powerful and efficient form of Liposuction. For sculpting muscle shapes during liposuction, we perform High Definition Liposuction.

These methods’ fundamental principle of action is the disruption of fat cell wall membranes. Hence they are termed laser-lipolysis technologies. Take the example of Smartlipo, the laser causes expansion of the tissues it comes into contact with, and repeating at a particular frequency such that it disrupts the membranes of the fat cells. A fiber-optic laser delivers this laser under the skin. The fats cells are transformed into an oily sludge-like substance or “debris”, which is then “eaten-up” by macrophages (large white blood cells). The “debris” is then processed in the liver where they are eventually eliminated in the stools imperceptibly.



Lipo-lipolysis (eg Smartlipo, AccuTite) in its purest form does not involve suction. Sucking out the lasered material called “lysate”, converts a Smartlipo procedure, for example, into a hybrid-type conventional liposuction. In areas like the chin and cheeks, where we use the Smartlipo extensively, we do not suck out the lysate. In these areas, the body is able to clear the lysate quite fast.




We nowadays reserve Smartlipo, AccuTite and FaceTite for smaller or areas associated with loose skin or stretch marks that needs tightening. The neck, chin and jowls are areas that Smartlipo, AccuTite and FaceTite treats particularly well.



“Healing-tissue” occupies the areas where subcutaneous fat was destroyed, and as such the area feel swollen. Bruises are rare. If any they are barely noticeable. These take 2-3 days to subside.

By touching the area, one can feel immediately that it is different from other areas with subcutaneous fat.



It is only after 3 months that the “healing-tissues” fully reorganize. The overlying skin is also contracted when the “healing-tissues” contracted. Hence there loose skin will also reduce.

If further reduction is desired, another session can be done after the 3rd month.



Minimal downtime

Afew of our patients even return to work the next day, almost like a “lunchtime Liposuction”. Particularly if the areas treated are small. Of course we normally advise a day or two of rest.

Minimal discomfort

During the procedure, there is no pain, because of the local anaesthesia. After the anaesthesia has worn off, it only feels like the aches and pains that follow a vigorous workout. The bruises too are minimal with Smartlipo.

Less traumatic

The fiber-optic cannula is inserted through a small puncture in the skin usually along creases that conceal the scar. The vibrations from the expansion of the tissues in front of the laser disrupts the fat cell membranes, and “melts” the fats.

After 3 months

It would be very hard to find the insertion points or tell by looking at the skin that any liposuction has ever been done. Skin contracts with the healing-tissues that replace the melted fats.


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