Quick and Painless Hair Removal

The new Super Hair Removal (SHR) hair removal service is a quick and painless way to reduce unsightly body and facial hair. Not exaggerating. It uses a unique method of heating up hair follicles that is different from IPL or lasers. The SHR system fires repeated pulses of broad spectrum light builds up enough heat to destroy the hair roots. These hair roots are also called hair follicles.

SHR is unlike IPL where an intense flash of broad spectrum light is used to destroy the hair follicles. Or in the case of long pulsed NdYag lasers, a single wavelength (as opposed to broad spectrum) of light is focused onto the hair follicles. Which then self destructs.

The technology is quite novel. And since it is not an IPL nor a laser, it can be safely used on any coloured skin. The technology has been proven successful in many countries since 2011. Getting bikini ready…. get ready for the summer!

Prices are from $80 upwards. Price vary depending on the areas treated.  Click here for the prices for SHR The treatments are administered by our trained therapists and are supervised by our doctor.