Novel Skin Resurfacing

Changing Skin Intact using Ultra-Superficial Ultherapy

In Chinese, a peel is termed 换肤, which means to “change skin”. Apt as we all know that an occasional peel (whether chemical, abrasion or laser) will force a new layer of skin out to reveal a fresher and more radiant visage. This is the essence of “skin resurfacing” The deeper “peels” yield more dramatic results but are also associated with more recovery time especially when skin is broken. But what if we can have a treatment that can “change skin” but without breaking the skin surface. Yes, you can now have it all with no-tradeoffs!

Introducing the ultra-superficial Ultherapy, a no-recovery-time lunchtime aesthetic treatment that stimulates collagen at a depth that effectively takes care of superficial wrinkles and even acne marks.

An ingenious offshoot of the deeper Ultherapy technology, which has been successfully used to tighten and lift sagging faces, the ultra-superficial Ultherapy also uses focused-ultrasound to deliver several thousand spots of energy at exactly 1.5mm under the skin. On the face, his corresponds to the deep dermis of the skin. Collagen remodeling here reduces wrinkles and acne scars. Skin remains unbroken throughout Ultra-Superficial Ultherapy. Patients can resume normal activities immediately.

The best part of Ultra-Superficial Ultherapy is that it is much more comfortable than treating the deeper parts of the face. This is because the usual anesthetic creams works well at this depth.

Can it be real? No tradeoffs, all the results and greater comfort? This is the kind of technological improvements which Dr David Loh, one of the pioneers in Aesthetic Medicine in Singapore, get excited about. In an interview with a prominent magazine, he said:

“I have seen the development of aesthetic technologies from the IPLs and Lasers in the late 1990s till now. There are so many good technological platforms out there, but it is innovation with safe and effective existing technologies that I like most. Why go through another learning curve, when we already have so many effective platforms?

 Ultherapy has been a wildly successful technological platform used to tighten skin and non-surgically lift sagging faces. I have been operating it since 2009 and have treated countless patients safely and effectively. This is a secret treatment that I have discovered from using ultherapy on countless patients. We can get results for wrinkles and acne scar reduction similar, if not more effective than the traditional fractional CO2 laser. Without downtime!

Things like this gets me excited still.”