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Skincare Advice by Dr Phoon Yi Shan

It’s unwise to change your skincare regimen too close to the festivities, stresses Dr Phoon Yi Shan, aesthetic doctor at David Loh Surgery. “Play safe and test new creams in an inconspicuous area such as behind your ear first.”

And if you are thinking of trying a new in-clinic treatment, make sure you have scheduled it far enough in advance of any special events.

“Most aesthetic treatments require some recovery time — think swelling with injections or redness with lasers. These take time to settle especially if there are bruises. Even if there is no revoverytime, the results takes time to show. Especially with treatments like Ulthera and Thermage. These treatments take as much as one to show best results. Can’ rush it. This is the way collagen regenerates. So always plan ahead of a special party or event. ” explains Dr Phoon.

Some options to consider? “Lasers or IPL can get rid of pigmentation and blemishes, brighten up the skin tone and tighten pores. Enhanced modified peels effectively exfoliate and brighten skin while skin boosters can be injected to hydrate the skin from within and smoothen out wrinkles, especially in the under- eye areas.”