correcting fat transfers

Smartlipo to the Rescue. Correcting Over-done Fat Transfers


While Fat Transfer (aka Fat Grafting or Lipofilling) on the face is a relatively easy task for doctors with the setup for office-based liposuction, getting it just right is not always a given. There are many variables like the quality of the fat after liposuction; the quality of the skin on the face which will determine the blood supply available to support the fat;  the age of the patient; whether a smoker or not …and so forth.

I have been doing fat transfers since 2007 and I have had more than a few requests in the past to treat the overfilled foreheads, chins, and overfilled cheeks. Some were my patients, but mostly were done overseas – mainly in the country that is now very popular for cosmetic surgery. Not that their doctors are bad, I guess it must be too inconvenient to fly there to do corrections, hence they land up for corrections with me. The pros and cons of medical tourism for invasive procedures is of course a topic for another blog altogether in itself.

Our Smartlipo system is just ideal for this purpose. The technology started me on the road to liposuction in 2006, and now although I have moved on to more efficient and effective systems to do liposuction, I still fall back on Smartlipo to do small and delicate areas. Smartlipo gives me accuracy and precision to treat small areas like overfilled foreheads, cheeks and chins.

The fibre-optic system delivers pulses of laser to melt away excess fat. In doing so, I can partially or fully remove the overfilled areas. It’s almost like the “Eraser” for Fat Fillers.

Dr David Loh

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