How does Sofwave compare with Ultherapy?

Among the devices that tighten skin through neocollagenesis, let’s do a pedigree-to-pedigree comparison of Sofwave with Ultherapy. Both work on the principle of High Frequency Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Both produce skin changes with a single treatment that continues to improve for months.

Notice we have left out the copycat HIFUs a plenty.

Comparison between Sofwave and Ultherapy

  Sofwave Ultherapy
HIFU Yes Yes
Thermal Zone (the trigger neocollagenesis) Longitudinal with uniform oval shaped cross-section Tear drop shaped with upper part near the epidermis


Treatment depth Fixed, for comfort and optimal results Offers 3 treatment depths for tightening the SMAS, and in some cases, facial sculpting as an off-label indication.


Comfort Typically does not require topical anesthesia. Needs topical anesthesia for a full-face treatment.






What is the price for the Sofwave treatment?

Treatments are priced at $2800 for the full face and upper neck areas. This compares favourably with Thermage or Ultherapy prices.


How long does each treatment last?

The collagen that is produced after each Sofwave treatment is your own. It will not degrade like a dermal filler. But we all age a bit every year. So, it would be good as a preventive treatment to repeat the treatments every year.




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