Thermage Eyes

Thermage Eyes

Treatment Options for Skin Around the Eyes

In my experience, the most common concerns women bring to me at my aesthetic clinic are wrinkles and eye bags. They want to be rid of the ‘tired look’ – which is more complex than it sounds! The ageing, lackluster eye can be a combination of dark circles, puffy eyes, sagging mid cheek, skin wrinkling, and drooping of the brows and eyelids. It takes a discerning eye to appreciate these factors, and design the appropriate procedure to correct this aesthetic conundrum.

Mother and daughter
Mother and daughter

1. Lasers 

Applied carefully around the eye area, lasers can stimulate collagen formation and induce skin tightening and rejuvenation. I usually perform the Nd Yag and fractional co2 lasers for skin biostimulation. Laser energy settings must be gentle (yet efficacious) so as not to harm the fragile skin around the eyes.

2. Ulthera or Thermage eyes

Both are renowned in the realm of non surgical face-lift. Ulthera uses ultrasound technology to tone, tighten and lift sagging tissues. Thermage uses a unique patented radiofrequency technology to heat up the collagen fibres, tightening skin and renew facial contours.  Safe to perform even very close to the eyes, they can solve both puffy eye bags as well as wrinkly loose skin, making eyes look younger, lifted and more awake.

3. Botulinum toxin injections 

B*tox is a safe and efficient method to smooth crow’s feet and frown lines. In addition, little injections at strategic points can even create what I call a chemical brow-lift. By positioning the brow a mere 2mm higher, can give one a more wide-eyed, refreshed appearance. I tailor my injections based on individual needs to bring out the best in my patient’s eyes, yet looking completely natural.

4. Filler injections

I use hyaluronic acid fillers, or fat grafting to address the tear trough (under eye) or mid cheek sagging. This is even more of an art, as the face is a 3-dimensional sculpture after all.

5. Creams

The first thing to know is eye creams are NOT magical elixirs. Even with the proper active ingredients, creams take up to 4-6 weeks of consistent use to show results. Skin is foremost a barrier more than anything else. So creams have to be really high-tech to even begin to reach the deeper layers of skin. Ideally, it should contain hyaluronic acid (hydration), ceramides (retain moisture), retinol or AHA (cellular regeneration), neuropeptides and vitamin C (stimulate collagen and elastin) and Vitamin E (nourish and soothe skin). Other useful ingredients include vitamin K, hydroquinone, kojic acid to diminish dark circles.

My Experience with Thermage Eyes

So I decided to do Thermage for my eyes to quell the droop and the puffiness. It is totally non-invasive and zero down-time. In fact, Thermage has the industry’s first and only FDA clearance for non-invasive eyelid treatments. The procedure took less an hour, and so comfortable, I could even do it on myself! (except right up close to the eyelids – where my boss Dr David Loh applied the shots).

Now, just a week after the treatment, I am already basking in compliments from my friends – ‘brighter eyes’, ‘less tired looking’, ‘reduced dark circles’ are just some of the few examples. And since Thermage has an increasing effect over the next 6 months due to further collagen remodeling, I’m looking forward to an even better final result!

Dr Phoon Yi Shan