Ultherapy V-Lift

The Ultherapy V-Lift is a non-invasive, non-surgical method to reduce the width of the lower and face. It sculpts the face while giving it a mild facelift-type effect.

Ultherapy is FDA approved since 2009 to lift a sagging face. It does this by tightening not only the skin, but the layers under the skin which we call the SMAS. This is a tough layer comprising muscles and the fibrous tissue. This is a strong supporting layer for the face.

Sound waves are focused by Ultherapy to leave tiny shockwaves under the skin and into the SMAS. Each point of these shockwaves triggers a cascade of collagen regeneration that translates into firmer and tighter skin. The results progressively improve over a period of several months.

What most patients experience is a mild facelift type effect that gets better as the months go by. All just after one treatment of Ultherapy.

It’s safety profile is unparalleled. In over a thousand cases done at David Loh Surgery since 2009, no one has suffered any form of injury from Ultherapy. Which sometimes happens with most other RF, IPL or laser treatments. The worst that can happen with Ultherapy is a mild mosquito-bite looking type of reaction in the skin, we call wheals. These will typically settle within a few days.

Ultherapy works particularly well in the lower face and under the chin. If fired deliberately into the fat fads in the jowl areas and under the chin, it can reduce these fat pads ever so slightly. Which is great because we can achieve a gentle sculpting of the face. These effects on the lower face we have term as The Ultherapy V-Lift.

The Ultherapy V-Lift is available at David Loh Surgery at both Novena Medical Centre and Wheelock Place. Our clinic is one of the first to start using Ulthera in 2009.

ultherapy machine
Ultherapy typically takes about 40 minutes to complete in experienced hands.