Upper Face Fillers

We all know about fillers into lines like the nasolabial folds. And we all know about fillers in the cheeks, the chin and the nose. Fillers were seldom employed in the upper third of the face in the forehead, eyebrow and temple area. At the 1st Malaysian-Singapore Conference of Aesthetic Medicine held in KL on 15 July 2012, Dr David Loh demonstrated the advanced techniques of upper face fillers and brow injections produce a stronger forehead. This is particularly useful for those with eyes that protrude producing a groove in the upper eyelids. It is also useful for Asians men with very flat foreheads to get stronger (hooded brow) features. Or even Asian girls who want to make their features a little more Caucasian-like (less flat). Upper Face Fillers is an advanced technique which should only be attempted by experienced injectors.

NB: Dr David Loh is not a fan of using fillers to fill lines. He feels that injecting fillers in the skin (in the dermis) can sometimes leave lumpiness obvious under certain lighting. No matter how refined the fillers are and how experienced the injector is. Besides a lot of these lines like the crow’s feet and the glabellar frown lines are better off treated with B*tox. Dr David Loh advocates using fillers to sculpt the face and to soften features by altering volume and providing supports for the skin so that it does not sag.


Dr David Loh started his aesthetic clinic in 2002 when the field Aesthetic Medicine was still in its infancy. He is now a well known international trainer for advanced B*tox and Filler techniques. He is on the faculty of the Allergan Academy and is the President of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine.