Treatments to Improve Loose Skin After Liposuction

Loose Skin After Liposuction

March 2023 Skin

L   iposuction is a surgical procedure in which excess fat is removed from the body using a suction technique.


If a patient is not properly assessed by an  experienced aesthetic surgeon  prior to the procedure, the removal of fat can lead to a deflation of area that is not in proportion with the rest of the body, causing a significant reduction in skin elasticity. This results in poor liposuction outcomes due to the post-operation skin not draping properly, which presents as loose skin and stretch marks.


This can occur in individuals who are poor candidates for liposuction, for instance, those who have poor skin firmness and elasticity in the first place. Their skin usually appears thin and paper-like, often accompanied by the presence of stretch marks (striae). Some examples include elderly patients, women who have a few (sometimes just one) pregnancies, and individuals who have undergone significant weight loss. For these patients, liposuction may worsen the loose skin problem, resulting in an aesthetic outcome that is less desirable than its original state.


Slim and firm female body
Reduce loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite


Loose skin can take on different forms – it could appear as reams of excess overhanging skin, or it could appear as crepe-like folds on the surface of the skin. It can even be a combination of both


A proper assessment by an experienced liposuction practitioner is often useful in determining whether loose skin will pose a problem after the procedure.


Treatments to Reduce Loose Skin After Liposuction

March 2023 Skin

H   ere are some effective treatments to minimize or improve the appearance of loose skin and stretch marks post-liposuction:

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty):


a particularly useful method to treat an abdomen where reams of excess skin might be expected after liposuction. A similar treatment is available for other areas like the thighs and the arms.


We do not perform this surgery at our clinic, but we would be happy to refer you to someone competent if needed.

Minimally Invasive Skin-tightening Treatments:


in milder cases where loose skin is not in reams but presents more like crepey skin  and stretch marks after liposuction, then treatments that are less invasive than a tummy tuck will suffice.

Examples of these minimally invasive treatments that are designed to reduce loose skin after liposuction include Bodytite and Renuvion.

Skin Tightening Treatments During Liposuction

March 2023 Skin

I   nstead of of weeks or months after the procedure, some skin tightening treatments are conducted within the same surgery as the liposuction when the patient is sedated or under general anaesthesia.


These are additional treatments during the liposuction where the surgeon will insert probes through the incisions to deliver energy to contract the skin.


Here are three different kinds of effective skin-tightening treatments during liposuction:

Vaser Liposuction

Power-assisted vaser liposuction uses ultrasound to break down fat deposits and make them easier to remove during liposuction. It also has the added benefit of skin tightening due to the ultrasound’s ability to contract loose skin. But the skin contraction is generally mild. Vaser’s main purpose is to assist in fat deposit removal.


BodyTite device uses heat and radiofrequency energy generated from a cannula that is inserted through the incisions to tighten and smooth out the saggy skin tissues. The device comes in different sized probe that allow for treatment from very delicate areas like the eye bags down to large areas like the thighs.


Renuvion uses helium plasma and Radio Frequency (RF), known as J plasma, to tighten skin during liposuction. J plasma is generated by the device, which activates helium to target the fibrous bands that exist beneath the skin (fibrous septae) and contract them in the process. This is carried out by moving a probe under the skin after liposuction.

Disclaimer: the above-mentioned treatments are all FDA and HSA-approved devices for skin tightening that Dr David Loh uses. There may be other devices available on the market that we are not aware of, and hence not mentioned in this editorial piece. And they could prove to be better than what you’re currently reading. Do take note that this is not the final authority on skin tightening following liposuction.

Ultrasonic Liposuction, Radiofrequency Assisted Lipolysis, and Plasma Skin Tightening are forms of minimally invasive skin tightening procedures offered by Dr. David Loh in Singapore. The common names are Vaser, Bodytite, and Renuvion, respectively. They target and reduce loose skin and stretch marks on the face, neck and large body areas such as underarms, stomach or thighs.

Dr David Loh
Dr David Loh
Renuvion and BodyTite are effective treatments that complement liposuction to prevent or reduce loose skin. It may be performed alone to tighten areas with skin laxities such as the neck, face, or body.”

Skin Tightening Add-on Procedures During Liposuction

March 2023 Skin

B   efore the actual liposuction procedure, the BodyTite device can be used to improve the appearance of loose skin.


The device works by delivering radiofrequency (RF) energy to the skin through a probe that is inserted under the skin after injecting it with a solution containing anaesthesia (tumescent solution filtration). The RF energy targets the fibrous band (fibrous septae) beneath the skin and causes them to contract and smoothen, improving the appearance of loose skin. BodyTite is good for treating mild to moderate degrees of loose skin and stretch marks.


P   lasma Skin Tightening, administered through a medical device called Renuvion, is a form of minimally invasive skin tightening procedure offered by Dr. David Loh in Singapore. This innovative technology selectively contracts the fibrous band (fibrous septae) under your skin, resulting in a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin.


Both BodyTite and Renuvion can be used as a complementary treatment coupled with liposuction or as a standalone treatment without liposuction to tighten loose skin.


These treatments contract collagen tissues using either helium plasma and radio-frequency (RF). These are tried and tested technologies that have been used for many years. The skin tightening effects continue for weeks and months after a single treatment.

Dr David Loh
Dr David Loh
Both BodyTite and Renuvion are treatment options available for liposuction patients who have a certain amount of loose skin and stretchmarks after the procedure to improve their outcomes.”

How BodyTite and Renuvion Tightens Loose Skin During Liposuction

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Here’s what to expect during the a Renuvion or BodyTite procedure:


Small incisions are made under local anaesthesia to ensure the client is comfortable and experiences little pain during the procedure. Often patients are under sedation by an anaesthetist. The handpiece is inserted just under the skin.


Once the handpiece is in place, energy is delivered directly underneath the skin to the collagen-rich connective tissue. The heat energy contracts the tissues. This process tightens the loose skin in treatment areas, such as the face, neck and other body areas, due to the contraction of the tissues.


This particular mechanism of action stimulates a natural healing process in the body called neocollagenesis, which rebuilds and creates new collagen tissues. This smooths and tightens the skin, removing stretch marks and severe wrinkles. This improves the skin’s texture, thickness and quality, resulting in firmer and more radiant skin.


The technology enables BodyTite and Renuvion practitioners like Dr. David Loh to accurately control heat delivery to the patient’s skin tissue through the device. Under the monitoring of a trained aesthetic doctor, the temperature of the skin will not rise beyond the safety limit. This prevents the skin from overheating, ensuring safety throughout.


There is minimal downtime since the incisions are small. Some mild redness, peeling and swelling may be expected and can take one to two weeks to heal. Patients can apply their regular skincare prescribed by Dr. David Loh, stay out of the sun and stop exercising until the incision recovers.


A few weeks to 6 months after the procedure: Collagen rebuilding and renewal processes are ongoing and skin improvement can be observed throughout the healing process. Patients can expect a reduction in loose skin or stretch marks.

Examining patient's neck for loose skin
Examining patient's neck for loose skin

Benefits of BodyTite and Renuvion Tightening After Liposuction

March 2023 Skin

I   n contrast to a tummy tuck, which requires a longer recovery time, both treatments are minimally invasive with less downtime and patients can quickly return to their daily activities after the procedure.

Minimal downtime
Incisions made are smaller than other invasive treatments. Recovery time is significantly shorter. Patients can return to normal activities such as work or daily life without disruption after one or two days.
Visible results
Loose skin reduction can be seen immediately after the treatment. This may be from the initial mild swelling. But in the days and weeks ahead, the results are through the stimulation of the body’s own collagen repair and production. The continued collagen renewal process smoothens stretch marks, skin dents and severe wrinkles continuing for months.
Safe and minimally invasive
There are no big incisions and wounds are small as compared to invasive surgery. This minimises the risk of scarring, bleeding, or infections. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia or sedation.
Versatile treatment
A minimally invasive procedure with a quicker recovery time makes it a highly versatile treatment. BodyTite and Renuvion can be used as a complementary treatment to liposuction or in combination with other skin tightening procedures to combat loose and saggy skin and provide excellent outcomes.

Areas that can be treated by Bodytite or Renuvion
Areas that can be treated by Bodytite or Renuvion

Renuvion and BodyTite Treatment Areas

March 2023 Skin

L   oose, saggy and wrinkled skin can appear on the face, neck and body due to collagen or muscle loss due to aging, weight loss, UV damage or smoking.


As we age, the body produces less collagen and elastin in the skin. The skin loses its elasticity over time, becoming less able to bounce back after stretching. It loses the support structure that keeps the skin firm.


When a large amount of weight is lost quickly, such as through a clash diet, post-pregnancy, or liposuction, the fatty layer beneath the skin might not have enough time to recover before the new shape becomes set, resulting in stretch marks.


Smoking and excessive exposure to the sun can cause premature ageing. The skin’s structure is damaged, causing cells to die, which affects collagen and elastin production. Skin problems such as deep wrinkles, creases, hyperpigmentation and sagging will then occur.


Radiofrequency (BodyTite) or Plasma (Renuvion) Skin Tightening helps the skin generate and rebuild its own collagen, effectively treating skin issues caused by the factors above.


Under the hands of a trained, qualified aesthetic surgeon, treatments can be precisely targeted in these areas:


  • Sagging jawline and chin
  • Loose skin on the neck
  • Severe wrinkles on the face
  • Butterfly arms
  • Mid or lower back/Bra-line fats
  • Sagging side chest
  • Loose abdominal fats
  • Flanks/Love handles
  • Flabby thighs
  • Sagging buttocks


Ultrasonic (Vaser) Liposuction, Radiofrequency Assisted Lipolysis (BodyTite), and Plasma Skin Tightening (Renuvions) are forms of minimally invasive skin tightening procedures offered by Dr. David Loh in Singapore. They target and reduce loose skin and stretch marks on the face, neck and body.

Frequently Asked Question on BodyTite and Renuvion

March 2023 Skin

How many treatment sessions are needed?


Visible results to tighten loose skin and stretch marks can be seen after a single treatment of either BodyTite or Renuvion. Your skin will continue to regenerate collagen and improve in the next few weeks up to 6 months.


Patients with significant skin sagging, volume loss, or poor skin quality might need to repeat the treatment after six months to achieve desired effects.


How long is the procedure?


Depending on the size of the treatment area, the duration of treatment can range from 20 minutes for the neck to 1 hour for larger body areas such as underarms.


Who can perform Radiofrequency (BodyTite) or Plasma (Renuvion) Skin Tightening?


The procedure must be performed by a certified, trained medical physician with a licensed clinic in Singapore. But best go to a clinic specializing in liposuction, fat grafting type of procedure. It cannot be performed in spas or beauty salons by nurses or therapists.


How safe is Radiofrequency or Plasma Skin Tightening?


Radiofrequency (BodyTite) or Plasma (Renuvion) Skin Tightening are less invasive than tummy tuck (abdominoplasties). Probes are inserted through liposuction incisions to heat up the skin to the optimal temperature for sufficient time to produce results and cool quickly, and there are built-in safety mechanisms to prevent overheating.