When we talk about skin rejuvenation, we must first understand what makes skin age. It isn’t only wrinkles. It may be wrinkles and sagging skin due to the hollowing of the face. It can also be due to the accumulation of pigmentation or sun-damage. But mostly we are talking about a combination of various signs that make skin look old or lack youthfulness.

Such a combination of factors calls for combined approaches to rejuvenate skin.



(IPL or Lasers) +B*TOX and Fillers Combination

This combination of treatment is suitable for younger patients. It is a good preventive treatment that can delay the onset of lines and wrinkles. Just think of your mom or aunt, and you will be able to project what you may look like. Starting early with B*TOX and Fillers to preventive the onset of line, wrinkles and other changes is now an accepted approach in Aesthetic Medicine.

Ulthera or Thermage +B*TOX+Voluma as a Combination

This combination is suitable for older patients with sagging skin and volume loss in the face. Not only do this group of patients need a non-surgical facelift, the treatments must also improve skin elasticity through collagen regeneration.

IPL+ Mico-B*TOX combination

This combination is good for controlling acne acne and open-pores. As well as in the reduction of PIH.

The reason why Ulthera is such a worldwide success for skin tightening is that it works consistently, albeit mildly. Clinical trials have shown a 90% satisfaction rate. 

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